Hips Butt and Thighs Workout. Best Exercise Routine For Your Lower Body.


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Strengthening your hip, butt, and thigh muscles will help you perform better in the gym and in life. A strong lower body helps prevent injuries, improve performance, help you move better and feel better. It will also make carrying groceries up a few flights of stairs way easier and give you the energy to accomplish all of your goals. Ready to get started strengthening your hips and thighs for a more powerful life?

These hips don’t lie, this workout is TOUGH! And you know what they say… a stronger body = a stronger life! I want to help you improve your hip and thigh strength with this quick, effective lower body workout. These are the BEST exercises to help shape and tone your lower half. I’d recommend doing this hip video 1-2 times per week for best body results. Here are the exercises you’ll move through in this lower body workout routine:

Hip and Thigh Workout Exercises

Bird dog reach with leg and arm to the side
Table top fire hydrant with arm behind the head
Table top side leg raise
Lifted clam shell
Star plank leg lifts
Side plank
Side lying soccer kick
Side lying leg leg circles
Bridge with leg side
Bridge with leg tucked under
Frog pumps
Inner thigh leg scissors

As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and modify exercises as needed. This hip workout is NO JOKE! Its hard, but Im positive that if you keep at it, you’ll get stronger.

Ready to get sweaty? Let’s do this! Roll out your mat and press play – your hips and thighs will love you for it!

Great job! You did it! Are your hips on fire as much as mine are?

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How do you feel after that quick hip workout? Let me know below in the comments. I hope its a video you can return to again and again to stay fit and feel amazing!

Love and squats, Caroline


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24 Responses

  1. Ranjit Sinha says:

    Madam my side Tikka problem is 10 years old but operation also hair right side very pain because your exercise please madam

  2. Erin Howse says:

    Oh the burn! Thank you!!!

  3. I really enjoyed this workout. What level is it?

  4. Ana Lobo says:

    Wow very hard but loved it ☺️

  5. OMG OMG – Caroline – this is a real challenge. My HB&T are saying thank you (I think 😄).

  6. Wow… I felt pain in my outer right hip, the kind which does not disappear with stretching, and with one seance… It seems to be appeased at least for now.
    I felt burning I felt my back working (which is great !) I had to stop to take a breath at least in any of the first exercises but I feel good. Like… Really good !
    Only drawback : My right wrist did not like the exercise with one arm/one leg lifted on the table top position. :/

    I'm glad I discovered your channel and that video !

  7. I was afraid that quads would be forgotten, as they have to be stronger than the hamstrings, but by watching it seems that nope they are also involved ! I'm gonna try that video ^^'
    But just to check before jumping in : Are they really involved (the quadriceps) ?

  8. Rose Sky says:

    Your videos are amazing, thank you! ❤️

  9. Dina Rizk says:

    That was an amazing workout, Caroline!🎊🎉💪And please please provide more with modified versions!😁💜💚

  10. Sarah B says:

    You’re the best!! Thank you!!🙏 😘

  11. Inna Blanke says:

    OMG! Love it! I just found your videos and I just opened my eyes to how difficult can these mat workouts be. Thank you! Will keep browsing and doing workouts with you

  12. I’ve recently discovered your videos and have fallen in love! thank you thank you thank you! you make me eager to work out everyday 🙂 love from Wisconsin

  13. this is awesome! ill feel this tomorrow for sure.

  14. Omg I love these work outside. You should do more lower body workouts😁😁❤❤

  15. Diane Arnett says:

    I find that the modified side plank wreaks havoc on my elbow. Can I just do a full side plank instead? Also, do side planks help define & strengthen the shoulders and arms?

  16. Diane Arnett says:

    Ahem! You need to tell us where your cute outfits come from. Do you usually get them fro the same vendor or all different ones? Thank you for another stupendous workout and realizing the importance of/ addressing the spirit with a positive outlook!!!!!

  17. Emily Farmer says:

    Hi Caroline! You most likely won't see this but just wanted to say thank you so much for your videos. Your message of balance and internal fitness really strikes a cord with me and your energy is unmatched! Thank you so much and keep it up!!

  18. Sharon Lloyd says:

    how many times a week to see results

  19. Sharon Lloyd says:

    could you do a dumbell workout

  20. Anastacia N says:

    I just adore you, your energy and positive outlook. Can you make more videos for those of us who can't put weight on our wrists and hands. Missing being able to workout! ❤️😊

  21. Samir Das says:

    The most intense bun burn i have ever had !

  22. I loved it 🤗your amazing thank you!!

  23. Sharon Lloyd says:

    i liked this but do you not do warm ups and cool downs do you lift heavy weights

  24. Anne Tourney says:

    I'm glad I checked the battery on my smoke alarm before I started this workout, because my hips were on fire!! Seriously, your workouts have done wonders for me — my hamstring tendonitis is practically gone. Thank you, Caroline.

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