Shoulders & Chest Routine Fitness Training Workout for Men & Women, Athlete Personal Training

Darrell Thompson is a personal trainer for athletes who specializes in increase performance
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Shoulders & Chest Routine #Fitness Training #Workout for Men & Women, Athlete Personal Training

Darrell Thompson is a personal trainer for athletes who specializes in increase performance. In this video Darrell gives you exercises and tips you can use to tone and shape your legs for a better body and look like fitness model.

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46 Responses

  1. Fred M says:

    You are not in shape

  2. 010les says:

    So its normal that your arms never move perfectly equally in sync ? I thought i was the only one

    I bassicly have the same build as this guy, long legs short upperbody and a lot less muscles
    But i also have short upperarms and this kind of works in disadvetage cause i cant reach far

    Anyone else got this problem ?

    Great video btw you look truly ripped

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  12. Lalit Thapa says:

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  14. Jon Targs says:

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  15. spark7shiraz says:

    Simple and very useful !

  16. Darius Green says:

    that whit girl got some ass.

  17. Fahad Saeed says:

    @icchnaj you are correct. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. And really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. lucky i could find this video:

  18. M D says:

    is it only me, or we can see his bulge? :)~~~~~

  19. gadisrael says:

    hey the white girl in your intro was fine dam.

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  21. edgar s says:

    21 people are fat!

  22. Ganapati Ns says:

    any specific exercises fo chest n shoulder expansion?…

  23. Saw Ler says:

    great simple exercise. Thanks a lot

  24. Roy Godiksen says:

    Personal Training indeed. I liked it. Greate exercises with helpfull guidance. Calm and end easy to understand, even if you're not from an English-speaking country.

  25. M D says:

    man, this dude is hawt!!!! seen dat assz?

  26. great video, hey guy checlout my channel on how to get a 6 pack and improve vision!!

  27. gogban says:

    0:02 is the guy apple shaped or pear shaped ? I want to know coz .. my thighs are somewhat similar to his …

  28. @xdenida I totally agree. Every type of workout has best efficiency when you do 12-20 reps.

  29. @jessicajungsy
    if your gonna try and be funny at least spell the persons name right its PATRICE EVRA

  30. Ryan G says:

    awesome work man! check my page, its all body weight exercises!!!!

  31. jerusjesrael says:

    do you have any problem?

  32. [GET] Muscle & Fitness – 101 Workouts :

  33. Ida Elvira says:

    you need to do somewhere between 12 – 20 reps, to get an efficient workout. Less reps does not do enough for your muscles, and if you have more reps, they get tired and you benefit less. Preferably you should do 3 sets og 12-20 reps :-).

  34. John Barrett says:

    i have a quiestion why is it that you do 12 reps instead of 10 or 20 is their a legit reason or just like a lucky number or somthing

  35. Trini Guy says:

    @yoUNgNdObnOxious these aren't to burn calories, but are for strength- do cardio exercises (e.g. running, bicycling, swimming or other combination workouts that you can find on youtube) if you want to do that

  36. Trini Guy says:

    you're very muscular, but don't have well-defined abs 🙁 Reminds me of how difficult it is to get abs. Is it because of genetics making it impossible, or do you just have to do more cardio?

  37. Anyone know how much calories this would burn?

  38. 280219993tb says:

    The girl in this demonstration is all the motivation i need..

  39. elmotpoopie says:

    is doing a "nose" push up not any more effective than going half way like this guy does?

  40. @bigzaa01 wheres your abs man. lol

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