Floor Workout: Hips, Butt, & Thighs (Lean Legs Routine)

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Tone your hips, butt, and thighs without leaving the mat in this uplifting floor workout. This body weight home exercise routine will help you shape and tone your lower half in just 20 minutes! Get ready to feel strong, bring your A game!

Floor Workout Benefits:

Stronger butt, hip, and leg muscles
Can be done anywhere (at home, the gym, or while traveling)
The exercises help to strengthen muscles around the ankles and knees to prevent injury and improve performance
No equipment or gym membership required

Incorporating floor workout exercises into your fitness routine can build on major areas of fitness such as core strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Mat based exercises done on the floor can help you isolate parts of your body that are hard to access standing. This floor workout will help to balance all of your other favorite exercise activities with strength.

As always, please check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Move mindfully and have FUN! Are you ready to feel the burn? Grab your exercise mat, get down on the floor, and lets GO! 

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41 Responses

  1. Ckaren Bazan says:

    I couldn't finished it 😭😭😭😭

  2. Emily Balogh says:

    I give up, I still only feel it in my lower back. ;/

  3. Please do reply how long will it take to see results will a month is enough to see out the results..

  4. My legs r so tiredddd but I can rlllyy feel the burn

  5. Hope Dubitz says:

    Could someone please tell me when I’m doing the leg lifts and extensions why do I feel it also on my outer ankle?

  6. What a workout Caroline. I have been working on getting a flat butt round and yoga does help. But ur video really made me feel the burn in a good way. I dont have a good back so the floor exercises work better for me.

  7. Hey caroline, how many days will it take to effectively notice a drastic change in my thighs….do i need to do other work outs too…to reduce thigh fat completey or follow any diet routine .??

  8. Excellent moves. I am 65. was a marathoner and now can’t do most standing position exercises for legs such as squatting.. thanks so much!

  9. Tracey Smith says:

    OMG i am not to sure how i just went the full video. Thank you Caroline !!!!! Its been a hard 4 years, sadly after suffering a cervical spine injury i was left bedbound for a while, without physio therapy, its been a long hard struggle to get myself physical, now back at work, but wanting to get my bum and figure back, after 1.5 years literally laying down, wastage is only natural. For the first time in years, i can feel my bum, and muscles i had forgotten i had. I do walk everywhere, but i think i am going to stick with your routine daily for coming months, or perhaps every other day, or perhaps when i can walk again after working out . Either way, thank you for your help

    Tracey xxxxx

  10. This is just great! You are great, thanks!!

  11. This is a great workout! I did it after the chair cardio HIIT workout because I am still recovering from foot injuries…it worked everything imaginable…ugh…thanks for the positive attitude and encouraging comments….

  12. Rome Pacheco says:

    In the mood for butt work out today and found yours ! thank you !

  13. bklyngirl212 says:

    I have a neurological condition that is attacking my balance and I'm so glad I found you.

  14. Z ii says:

    Will this slim down my hips?

  15. New Mom says:

    Great workout! It was harder than it looked or sounded like to be. Thank you Caroline, you have a very positive attitude. I did feel like cursing but then you helped me get over it 🙂

  16. Kayla Bayla says:

    I love it. Thank you so much

  17. caroline thank you so much about this video and could you plz doing exercises to lose and get ride of saddelbags in hips sorry for my language

  18. I am 58, both knees replaced in 2015. My thighs & hips feel like mush, so much that I feel like I am becoming to weak to hold my weight when I walk.. I came upon your exercise and gave it a try. The exercises were hard, my legs were burning. (Progress right) I will try again tomorrow and let you know if I am walking better!

  19. Kenzy Sayed says:

    Wait does this make my thighs thinner or fatter?

  20. Should I be doing this everyday to get lean legs????

  21. Just Klassy says:

    18:56 the only muscle i felt in this exercise and the one after that was my abs. i was really confused.

    12:30 these donkey kicks, the hamstring curls, and the pulses, i didnt feel my butt muscles working. does this mean i have a weak or strong butt? also, are you supposed to feel a burn on the leg that’s up or down?

    im also very confused on why 80% of my upper thigh cellulite vanished just by doing this workout twice in 4 days. THANK YOU! im shocked, and all the other exercises are really effective.

  22. Fatima Abbas says:

    You are damn amazing… burnt the damn fat will keep posting the results

  23. This was great I feel it !

  24. harppyy123 says:

    When I do the side raises I feel it in my claves not my thighs or butt

  25. Kiki Horton says:

    This workout kicked my ass!! Literally!

  26. I trust this coach bcs I already did the abs video and I got results 💋💋💜💜 now I'm gonna start with this vid and I'll tell the result 💕💕

  27. Bella Paris says:

    Good workout for the lower body, thank you, I really enjoyed all of your various bridge moves:)

  28. Hello Caroline, I love this workout – I do it often. Would you be able to make more floor exercise workouts similar to this that don't involve planks and sit-ups? Unless you have them and I just missed them? Thanks!

  29. I did this exercise for the first time today…. I was like stars started dancing in front of my eyes 😂😂😂.. anyways … Will definitely make this exercise as my routine..

  30. Noor Nn says:

    I did this for the first time and I feel like im dying 💔🥺 but im proud of myself for doing it till the end

  31. Wow, that really didn’t feel like 21 minutes…

  32. @carolinejordan does this workout make your thighs bigger or smaller???

  33. "your legs are making love,cause why not?"😂😂

  34. Epi Nending says:

    I'm gonna start it right way now, super excited, let see if I can keep this challenge on myself. Keep Tunning shall update you guys after one week.

  35. Mam plz suggest a good excercises for my heavy waist and im unable to enjoy the fashion clothes

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