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39 Responses

  1. Mark O'Dwyer says:

    Great list. Stunned you don't have a few million subscribers by now, you are really good my man!!

  2. 54JIN says:

    BullyJuice: the next on the list is tuna fish!!
    Me: No niggggaaa
    Me: skip 10 seconds, skip 10 seconds, ohh shit the video ended

  3. Marlon Mills says:

    Anything remotely healthy is going to be more expensive I passed McDonald's,KFC,and burger king who all got $5 menus. sandwiches pop cookies macironi and cheese. To go to Subway for a 6" Turkey sandwich with spinach olives $11. 15 if you want water😁

  4. Thankyou you help me so much!!😄😄

  5. What about your vegan followers

  6. These are some of my favorite foods, heck yeah!

  7. 6 bacon 6 eggs and oatmeal with orange juice n earl gray im good to go

  8. Seth Turner says:

    Really well put together. This video really helped me with my grocery list

  9. EU Gotti says:

    I disagree with about half of the things on your list

  10. Buk David says:

    Big mac's and whoppers

  11. PeenX69 says:

    Is it okay if I eat the broccoli raw? I don't like eit cooked

  12. Selisa Dogru says:

    omg cottage cheese is SO GOOD

  13. You only absorbe the protein if you dont poop it out as soon as you eat it. I mean stay in your stomach. Lol. Someones got a loosey goose…

  14. MrsBlessed says:

    Building muscle seems long

  15. Easy Life says:

    Ofc the watermelon 😂😂

  16. Jeff2theLeft says:

    Put cottage cheese in a smoothie. Easier to digest

  17. Nice video, please can you do a vegan video

  18. justin case says:

    Lol you crazy😄.. can you do a arm tutorial

  19. Jadden says:

    What about Popeyes? It’s chicken 🙁 or do I have to stick to bland chicken breast 😂

  20. Will Randall says:

    Hey Fam I subscribed to your channel recently as I am 50 pounds over weight. Thank you, for taking the time to make your videos! 💯

  21. Nima Nakisa says:

    and no1 is liver !11111111111111111111\should be as it’s the most nutrient rich food ever

  22. I get paid Friday so I'ma get these for sure 👌

  23. Beast J says:

    Love you my man all the way from Palm Springs , Ca 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💪🏼

  24. Do you eat avocado as it, or does it need to be cooked? Lol

  25. I weighted 267 pound and got down to 202 Lb. After I got down to 202 LB pounds, I could not lose any more weight. I did same exercise regimen. Which consisted of 25 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minute of stationary bike riding. I took one cup of Whey, spoon full of Benefiter and five glasses of water every day.  
     I eat low-fat foods, no bread or sweets. OK, I cheated and had one slice of chocolate cake in six-month period. Back to the original subject. Am I losing fat and gaining muscle mass?

  26. Tamika Queen says:

    Some of us are allergic to @ least 3 foods you have listed.

  27. Was that Ugandan Knuckles on your shirt?

  28. For cottage cheese add some salt and pepper or some Frank's red hot

  29. Hayden S says:

    I hate tuna, what fish could I use instead?

  30. will Grello says:

    can't eat dairy fucking disgusting. I'll eat monkey brains before i eat dairy products. Milk is just some body fluid that excretes from inside of the body which is disgusting reminds me of puss. What is used to make the milk curdle to form cheese? BILE!

  31. Joeking haha says:

    Oats are NOT a muscle building food there a energy and get fat if you eat to much

  32. Joeking haha says:

    Protein drinks are a waist of money

  33. LGPMS says:

    this might help if you are body building

  34. Caleb White says:

    I understand your trying to help people and share what you think you know about "muscle building foods" but I think it is important to be 100% sure you know what your talking about before you mislead people. Example, soy beans are extremely bad for muscle gains as they spike estrogen levels and lower male testosterone.. soy beans should be avoided at all costs!
    Guys please understand that healthy fats are very important for muscle growth as well! Ground beef, skin on your chicken is all fine! The avocado is probably the best source so far mentioned!
    Keep it real guys and focus on the truth!!

  35. John John says:

    Whey’s protein, quake oats/oatmeal’s, eggs, avocados, cottages cheese, chickens, ground beef, vegetables, fruits, tuna fish/ fish in general, almonds. You are welcome.

  36. Keelah J says:

    You forgot about beans, legumes and peanut butter.

  37. Keelah J says:

    Thank you for getting straaaaaight to the point.

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