The Post-Workout Anabolic Window (MYTH BUSTED with Science)

Is there any scientific truth to the “post-workout anabolic window”?

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I’m 5’5, 174 lbs

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37 Responses

  1. mesiroy1234 says:

    if ahad good pre workout meal
    but post workout i dont get fast digesting protrin whst happens ?
    do i lose on protein symithess or muscel?

  2. If this 45 minute post work out window is valid, then how did humans survive? how would construction workers build muscle when their largest meal is after work. This 45 minute after work out theory is just marketing of post work out prodcts.

  3. Player 1 says:

    Anabolic window: eat protein now.
    Me: So what happened to the protein I ate pre workout 🤔
    Anabolic window: f u

  4. If this were mythbusters, the "plausible" tile would fall from the cieling now.

    PS. Im not even mad that the title of the video was slightly overstated. I clicked with 100 percent confidence that Jeff would provide highly educational content with an acedemic rebuttal and an unbiased conclusion. Thanks Jeff!

  5. I'm a simple man, I see a Back to the Future clip, I like and subscribe.

  6. Vikas Kumar says:

    What if we workout without a pro workout meal will we still have our anabolic window

  7. Grant Baker says:

    "To feed as soon as possible after workout. In this respect, not eating does not offer any benefits." I beg to differ. I'm on a 18/6 fast, my eating window is between 15:00 and 21:00, I workout around 13:00. After the workout there are many things going on in the body, especially when intermittent fasting. HGH increase massively for example, cellular activity also increases, so I like to "ride the wave", get all the benefits, and wait at least an hour before I eat anything. Also, when I eat and kick start my metabolism, more blood accumulates around the organs and abdomen, meaning less blood in the muscles, and you want good blood flow in your muscles after a workout for a number of reasons. I could go into much more detail but my comment would be very long. Based on my research I think it's optimal for me personally to refrain from eating right after a workout.

  8. It hard to belive that, I learned this from YouTube better, than my science teacher. I subscribe 😁👍

  9. P North says:

    If you come home not ready to eat immediately after your workout, you didn’t work out hard enough to gain muscle. If you workout fasting without passing out you also haven’t worked out hard enough to gain muscle.

  10. P M says:

    Pre work out meal / post work out meal? Seriously? Just eat the highest quality foods you can afford, and that help your body build. Eat when you are hungry and know that fasting facilitates muscle development too.

  11. Rob Smith says:

    fist bump for the back to the future clip 🙂

  12. Its better to trained fasted and just hit a post meal later

  13. A lamp with electrical sockets on it!? That's genus!

  14. There is zero conclusive evidence that shows ingesting carbs and protein immediately after a workout raises muscle protein synthesis.

    While some studies found a slight benefit, others found a bigger benefit from consuming a pre-workout meal .

  15. Flow Trix says:

    Is there a difference on the amount of protein you consume before a work out regarding gains from that workout?

  16. I'll keep using some carbs with my protein…im pretty sure it is, in fact, more anabolic immediately after a workout and in general. Insulin is the hormone of growth in response to food and muscles are primed for it after a workout. Carbs are protein sparing and insulin puts protein and carbs into primed muscle tissue.

  17. Drcool52 says:

    I've chosen to make my diet consist of entirely of kiwi and I have ascended the normal confines of man.

  18. Video: “myth isn’t tOtally busted, there is still a lot of literature out there but the overall idea…”

  19. Himanshu M says:

    Can i take my whey before workout instead of post workout

  20. Ryan Holiday says:

    So I only had a bowl of oats today (granted: they are excellent, with maca powder, raw milk, maca powder, ginger, and some Stevia for sweetness) and a plate of salmon the night before (had sweet potato and other great veggies like brussel sprouts; granted, with an extra 500 calories or so of beef Wellington (with most of the pastry discarded) my work has). I am 290 pounds and 6'4" so to say I have stores of macros (fat and muscle makes my BMI around 30, though my fat content is more or less a non-issue; not perfect, but maybe even characteristic of my "strongman" spirit I am going for. I imagine right now after five miles of walking to and from the gym and doing Athlean X's PERFECT leg workout video (that's the title), I am not losing significant muscle that I can't just "eat back" later (a minimum of a few hours, but maybe even longer "fasting" would be beneficial to my fat loss and not harmful to my muscularity at all.

    My question is, am I right to presume not worrying about losi g muscle? I have been trying many methods for years and want to talk more in depth with someone interested in this, to pinpoint this with science.

    Further data (and I know this is a sciency post but just in case u need it):
    I haven't worked out much in the past week but my job has me on my feet, walking, for hours and even lifting racks and pushing carts. I eat very well, with lots of additional micronutrients and a rather spirited abstinence from anything fried or containing crap like HFCS. The diet is expanding, with me adding such things as fermented foods like Kombucha tea. Protein intake is a definite non-issue, I love fish, meat, poultry, beans, and even the ole whey protein supplement for good measure. Maybe the most "lunky" supplement I take (you know, something more like "Bro's Miracle Protein" than a straight forward food supplement like fish oil) is creatine, which I think makes COMPLETING a workout without burning out early possible. (May use more of the BCAAs or Glutamine I have bought and let get dusty because of disuse, with the latter being claimed to mostly help elderly people and I am only 23. My macros are fine, and I am known to be able to eat more than 2000 calories, even in a single sitting, casually.

    I also will be looking into Elliott Hulse's takes on fasting, though I sort of wonder if this new choice of his has been beneficial for him at 40 than it would be for me in my 20's. my theory is that our metabolism is more dynamic than a conditional "you burn 3000 calories to hunt the wooly mammoth and are given 5000 calories of mammoth in return."

    If you read this or just parts of it, feel free to message me about any part that you too find interesting. Not asking for paid counseling or to isolate just one thing in my routine right now to avoid confusion. Especially let me know if you think I should be worried about eating by 1pm after being out of the gym and walking since 12pm and only eating salmon at 10pm yesterday and oats at 7am (beginning my walk around 7:30).

  21. D Lish says:

    I stress so much when I don't get my protein after a workout lol

  22. Maybe we are just hungry after working out. Why overanalyze it bro?

  23. Hey Jeff Does the effective change when you are a more of a strength endurance athlete? For example after 1-2 hours of high intensity swimming or rowing.

  24. John Ray says:

    Literally God himself, thanks Jeff! Such in depth and scientific analysis of the subject!

  25. SuperNoX86 says:

    So does this anabolic window work if you fast for 20 hours a day? Like, I train at about 4PM and break my fast at 7PM and finish at about 11PM.

  26. City Wok says:

    i started eating 1 meal post workout, and lifts stayed the same while cutting, i read an article a while ago stating that your body can temporarily store amino acids?

  27. Thats interesting… i thought that carbs were just as important after a workout as protein

  28. Travis Moore says:

    Is it the same for the training that an endurance athlete goes through? We’ve been told that there’s a window of recovery for us as well and I’m curious if that’s the same as the anabolic window with weight training or strength training.

  29. Kunal Bajaj says:

    I might be wrong.. but I would love some guidance
    But for Ectomorphs isn't it preferred to have a Post Workout Carb + Protein shake..
    As the protein won't be optimally used for Muscle Growth and Repair and rather would be consumed for other body functions?
    I am still learning and if it's obvious for someone else.. I would love some guidance from y'all too 🙂

  30. f these skinny bitches, i will take 400g protein after next workout.

  31. I was wondering what happens when you train fasted, if the anabolic window would be the same or not.

  32. coglio says:

    an insulin spike might be beneficial during the maximum of the mps curve. i read that insulin lets nutrients pass the membrane of fat cells and muscle cells easier. hence supporting the mps.

  33. Mahesh K says:

    Whey may be not reaching your muscles in 20 minutes but much faster than egg or meat.
    After workout our body is completely depleted , glycogen, glutamin , dehydration etc ..whatever it is.
    Some bros says it's fat burning zone…but it's not just ur fat only loose any all muscle survive…we loose both.

    So as soon as if we eat
    Atleast we can preserve se muscle. If we eat carbs it will not use as aminos to repair muscle , so obviously protein asap.
    "😂😂And it doesn't matter if u take immediate or later..the overall 48 hours of protein intake matters"😂😂
    Then this whey also included in that 48 hours..
    Next… It's not the immediate whey that build or repair muscle's last 48 hours of protein intake that already absorbed by body doing that job..
    Then think it is ur yesterday's
    Post Shaked worked and today's shake will work tomorrow… So are we loosing anything??

  34. Michael says:

    Thanks for the vid Jeff. Sick Back To The Future reference with the "dial up" clip.

  35. great vids….your lamp shade or is that ART DECO?

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