What To Eat | Before | During | After | A Workout

Do you want to know what you should be eating before during and after a workout? Well today is your lucky day. I will go over just what you need to eat post workout pre workout and inta workout. My answers might supersize you. I would love to know what you eat pre/post/intra workout so leave it in the comments below

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31 Responses

  1. Outstanding information, a big thumbs up. I'm just getting back into workouts after 7 operations in 5 years. I'm old school in training, no nonsense & I really like your approach and style. Thank you for not using any foul language, I'm not a prude. Anyways I subbed & will be following you while I get back into lifting. Be safe and have a great week.

  2. samuel dare says:

    Have been generally working about early morning. So I usually have peanut butter, banana and cottage cheese on toast and a coffee and I feel that has been getting me through a 1 hour session.

  3. pre: whey protein+creatine+complex carbs
    -intra: water
    -post: whey protein+ fast acting carbs (tablespoon of white sugar)
    -home meal: chicken breast(250g) + cream of white rice+ banana
    Second meal is a salad and some fruits
    Sorry guys i turn to a beast after workout😁

  4. Sam Jennings says:

    John, you are always a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for putting this out there.I have noticed I train harder with more endurance when I have some fast acting carbs while I train. Training without them due to lack of room in my macros have added another level complexity. I default to fast acting right after training to replenish the glycogen. Thanks again!!

  5. Hi_ Pierre says:

    How cool is this guy! He know his info and talks with a wise man's swagger. And he loves marvel comics!

  6. 1FITDUE says:

    If you workout as soon as you wake up could you drink a protein shake right before you workout then also sip bcaas or eaas as you workout? Or will the protein shake be too much digestion and take away your pumps? I’ve tried this approach before and it doesn’t hurt my stomach or anything, but not sure if I’m taking away from my ideal gains/pumps. Thanks in advance!

  7. John Borges says:

    Instead of using water to mix your intra can i use gatorade zero or pedialyte?

  8. Can we just cut out the middle man and will you just be my personal trainer and tell me what and when to eat and how to train👍

  9. Praba Garan says:

    How to lose the stubborn belly fat ……

  10. TAHRCRAZY says:

    Awesome info. Just subbed

  11. Where do I go to buy some of your supplements?

  12. The protein powder I use contains bcaa already do you know of a protein powder that has EAA in it that won't break the bank?

  13. Hope you don’t claim to be Natty

  14. dmagin777 says:

    ahh.. I'll be trying EAA, instead of BCAA…

  15. will towin says:

    great advice thanks john , gold!

  16. DOKDONTSTOP says:

    Great info, if I’m still trying to loose weight slowly will this method work? I had to eat more because I wasn’t eating enough and I was just absolutely bogged down, I lost over 100 pounds already but I would like to slow the fat loss and increase muscle growth now! Thanks again for your videos!

  17. If I eat an apple or banana with peanut butter as my pre workout meal 30-60 minutes beforehand, do I need to add an additional protein source with that meal?

  18. OG Moonman says:

    I find eating rusted nails with whole milk and an apple afterwards gives me best results

  19. I jumped at the beginning; I thought I was looking at Mark Hamill.

  20. Really appreciate your instructive videos! In your opinion, would Cluster Dextrin be safe for Type 2 diabetics?

  21. I've been drinking a whey protein shake with some glutamine in it about 30-60 min before my workout. Is that ok?

  22. I’ve been learning so much from your videos 🙏🏽

  23. Stefan says:

    Great video. I love that you touch on all scenarios and talk about early morning training 👍

  24. M says:

    Best no nonsense channel out there, folks

  25. JAC NO says:

    Plain and simple👍

  26. 77 Yy says:

    Right before I train I have two raw egg yolks and a two teaspoons of raw honey

  27. Garry Dye says:

    Where do they sell this recovery factor? Can't find it on BB.com or Amazon?

  28. hasslerism says:

    Good Sir,

    Thank you so much for the valuable information.

  29. 00blackfrc says:

    Just subbed,love the workouts

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