Dr. Chris Explains The DONALD TRUMP WORKOUT Plan

Dr. Chris explains the DONALD TRUMP WORKOUT today on the channel. What does Donald Trump do for fitness? Does he do anything? Does Donald Trump work out? In this video I will look at these questions and see what we can find out about the President of the United States.

Donald Trump has stated that he does not believe in working out. He believes in the battery philosophy when it comes to fitness. As a result Donald Trump and working out do not get along. He prefers to engage in activities such as walking and golf. His physician has said that he is in top shape and that he could conceivably live to be over 100 years old. Yes, you heard that right, although his Calcium Score might suggest otherwise. Both this marker, and his weight, put him at moderate risk of cardiovascular disease in the future when compared to other people in his age group. So there are probably a few things that Donald Trump, and you, can do to minimize your risk of problems in the future. Watch the video to the end to pick up some tips on how you, and Donald Trump, can maximize your fitness and make the most of the time that you have available.

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On this channel, I want to make the world a healthier place. I want you to become active, stay active, and to remain injury-free. I want to teach you how to avoid problems BEFORE they occur. I want to help to teach you about your own health so that you can have the best healthcare experience possible. I want to help you to become the healthiest, most mobile version of yourself possible.

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– Dr. Chris Raynor
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9 Responses

  1. What do you think of Donald Trump's workout routine? Should more, or less, people adopt his style of workout? Let me know down below

  2. John Blossom says:

    I try to jog to the refrigerator every time I have a snack. Actually, I don’t follow a specific workout routine, but I’m an avid fisherman. This includes a lot of hiking and I carry quite a bit of gear with me. I walk about 2-4 miles a day. I’m rarely sedentary. So, I hope that’s good enough. Plus, I keep up with my martial arts about 2-3 times a week. At 54 years old, I have no heart or lung ailments. I have Lupus, but it rarely keeps me in a chair or bed all day. My wife and I both cook, so we prefer homemade meals.

  3. I think once your past 70, you should just do whatever you been doing.Because its working.

  4. MattinaBird says:

    Plus, his BMI is classified in the Obese category if he is 239lbs (108kg) and out of shape. It's especially worse when he definitely looks to have lost more than an inch in height, completely normal for someone in their 70s. Losing a few pounds would definitely be beneficial for him, being obese in his 70s is probably going to be pretty traumatic for his health. Obesity does correlate with all sorts of problems down the line, that's why a proper diet is important and a decent amount of exercise can be beneficial too. Trump's views on exercise and diet is very interesting indeed. Have you heard his voice lately? It literally sounds like he is not too far from death. It does not sound the same when he got elected president.

  5. Always great content Chris, Love your vids! 😎

  6. fatdawg 887 says:

    Love the Monty Python clip at the end – that is the best scene of the whole movie

  7. LETS GOOOOOO! Hit the LIKE button cause you already know it’s a BANGER 🙌

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