Healthy & Easy Meal Prep on a Budget **under £20 total**

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Since I’m trying to get leaner right now, I made these meals appropriate for my own calories & macros. You can of course adjust the amounts/portion sizes to suit your own needs, but generally these meals are more suited to those trying to shred down like me. I will do some bulking meal prep in a future video.

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32 Responses

  1. Gesrow says:

    The onion made me klick

  2. whatdo uknow says:

    whats the best meal/food to get rid of belly fat?

  3. Ricardo W says:

    What's your preferred way of reheating? Microwave or oven?

  4. Lennart says:

    no idea why but i'm only 1 minute into the video and i'm feeling really relaxed and enlightened 😂 your video style is dope bro

  5. A says:

    Joe are these two meals a day for lunch and dinner? Or are these meals before you have come home and then have another meal once you have finished your working day so early evening? If anyone else can answer that think they may know would be appreciated.

  6. you can poach chicken breasts in a pan of boiling water, they stay so much more juicy and adds no calories or fat bc it just water!

  7. I see seasoning so it's a yes from me.

  8. where did you get those meal boxes? are they suitable for freezing and microwaving?

  9. Mia Scott says:

    I done this meal prep at uni and it’s so worth it! Feels amazing to cook from scratch too

  10. Mustak Miah says:

    Did he say he puts dark chocolate in the mince beef?

  11. Lucy says:

    I'm glad you didn't try tell us how to cook rice seeing as you didn't even wash it first…

  12. I punch nuns says:

    When I was in high school if your parents shopped at lidi, Aldi or netto your mates would ridicule you, now every Tom dick and Harry shops at Lidl and Aldi

  13. Bozz LP says:

    As a Student always looking to save some money this is absolut Gold!

  14. Morgasm172 says:

    Bullshit. In order to do this correctly you need to get someone completely u fit and unhealthy to start these meals and routine workout to show serious results. Having someone that is already fit doing it proves nothing.

  15. James Archer says:

    Never I live round the corner from you, fancy a bev?

  16. unske says:

    Man I just couldn't help but notice your watch… Wear your watches below the wrist people!! :p

  17. What did you mean by entering raw and then dividing cooked

  18. sorted chili con carne recipe

  19. malekmadek says:

    chicken looking bland af ngl

  20. Dom s says:

    *Add Coco powder to chilli. As it's cheap, lasts weeks of use.
    *Rice..try cooking in microwave. Quick and simple.
    *Use turkey instead of chicken to save money.
    *Buy frozen green beans, as it's cheaper, and better nutrion.

  21. B says:

    yum i make this at home for dinner

  22. Patryk T.A says:

    i would love to see kalen react on this !

  23. verydark elf says:

    aldi food is shite low end garbage

  24. aldo Hume says:

    But what about Lidl the shit version of Aldi? 😂

  25. Karlossus92 says:

    Anyone that is wanting to bulk, trim whatever the case, buy Huel!
    It’s already made, very cheap and there is no meal prep! You’ll thank me later 👏👏

  26. Karl Harris says:

    Looking at the lad you’d think he was a bit of a numpty in the kitchen, but he’s actually a pretty decent cook. Well played 👍🏼

  27. INFINIITY says:

    How can you have the same thing for five days. I get fed up having same thing two days in a row. Need the variety

  28. Smiles Uk says:

    What a cunt,bring back national service,wouldn’t even know he was born….I’d rather be famous for being talented than being in the public eye because I’m a wanna be….

  29. squir rel says:

    "One of the great things about chilli, as you keep it longer, it actually gets nicer…obviously within reason until it goes like off and you die, but…" lmfao

  30. Eins Zwo says:

    And what do you spend on Steroids?

  31. The thumbnail of your torso is absolutely repulsive @Joe Delaney

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