Full Body Workout for Mass | My Bulking Routine

The best full body workout for mass. This is a perfect bulking workout routine for skinny guys.
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My name is David de las Morenas.
I’m a strength coach & bestselling author based in Boston.
I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday.

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49 Responses

  1. would it effect my gains if I added volume to these full body workouts

  2. Conor Price says:

    I want to start the gym and follow this workout plan but Ive never been to a gym before and nervous of barbel squats, deadlifts etc .. How should I start doing these excercisesmas a beginner? Especially nervous of brenchpess because I would be going to the gym alone so if I cant lift the barbell back up then…

  3. JKnowledge says:

    You made beard and muscle gains David!

  4. Rafay 7969 says:


  5. RealFilms says:

    The free bulking routine link, doesn't work

  6. lmao, this old intro sucks
    your video making skills skyrocketed in the past years <3

  7. Jhonny Ruizz says:

    Can I change the trap bar deadlift for rack pulls?

  8. Hicksy 123 says:

    I do push pull legs rest full body rest rest

  9. I dint see you do any bench press, so is it only legs, back tris and curls???

  10. bro how about twice a week per muscle group work out did i kill the gains im doin bulking

  11. Off Grid says:

    What do you know about mass,you look like you weigh 170 pounds.Not trying to be a dick,but speak about something you know about.

  12. M says:

    Way too little squat volume. And way too much DL volume. Also a 1 to 1 ratio on Bench and OHP is really unnecessary.

  13. Hey david nice video! I was using 2 muscle split up for 8 months. And I can see progression.But i wanna build more muscle faster. Would this full body work for me?

  14. RyJF01 says:

    I just keep it simple and it works for me I do boxing 2 times a week and workout my arms and chest every other day then do abs once a week.

  15. Kevin Sousa says:

    Hey man, can I do 5×5 with your training?

  16. Juan Padilla says:

    Short, to the point. The absence of excessive bullshit gets you a thumbs up sir. Cheers

  17. RKC says:

    is it okay sometimes to replace barbell bench with dumbells? i enjoy switchin it up and do front squats instead of reg squats

  18. What utterly pathetic advice. For full body start on let’s say Monday, then Tuesday off , train Wednesday have Thursday off train Friday have Saturday off and Sunday have off or start again. You don’t do fucking 4 consecutive days in a row .

  19. Where’s the legs portion of this routine ?

  20. I wana bulk up in 2 months, i dont have any restrictions regarding time meaning i can go 7 days a week to the gym if i wanted to. Should i do the full body workout 3/4 per week or should i do a push pull routine (without legs because i play football 3-5 times a week). Thank you in advance.

  21. 1:53 that happened to me and i regret doing split. And also i wasn't gaining as much muscle as i did with my previous full body workouts…

  22. carpe diem says:

    Mind has huge role in everyone's work out

  23. Rocket XM says:

    Should you be doing the same weight as 3×5 and 4×8? Or should you drop weight?

  24. Hey, i dont understand the thu/fri part

  25. Hey bro. I will follow your free workout bulk routine. I just want to ask if its okay to add more isolation exercise for one muscle group. Or you advice that i only.follow whats on the list? Im confused to this. Im a skinny guy and about to start workout next week 🙂 Hope u answer this. . One of ur beast fan bro!
    Sorry for bad english hehe.

  26. Hello, what do you think about doing squat at the end? It seems that Steve Reeves did like that

  27. is it really a good idea to have only two sets of 12 reps? are these reps enough to see results?

  28. rudy rich says:

    It is an Hepburn split modified routine

  29. On Monday and Tuesday would I left heavy then Thursday and Friday go down a few pounds?

  30. Jay Marchy says:

    Im trying hard to switch my routine to full body but I just cant see how for example my back would get enough work theres so many different exercises that hit certain areas of the back how can you narrow this down ? even the shoulders rear delts traps there is a lot you need to do to hit every part of the muscle your training I just cant see how I can do a full body any help would be great

  31. You are the real mvp bro!

  32. When is it good to have a split routine?

  33. John Gate says:

    hey How To Beast i am going to start a full body routine 3-4 times a week with some light cardio on the rest days.
    i have a question.

    do i have to do the same exercises every workout day or do i change them up, for example on Monday if my exercises for my chest are a bench press and chest flies do i do the same for Tuesday or do i do two different exercises for the chest like a incline press and pushups or does it have to be the same exercises every time?

  34. Hottest hairsytle bro💪

  35. What u think about workout A on monday workout B on wen and then on friday full lower workout and on saturday fullupper workout?

  36. Couple questions: What kind of warmup sets do you recommend. What is the intensity of each set. Do you stay with same weight each set or add weight each set for the 3 sets (or 4 sets).

  37. Thanks man!

    great informative short video. I'll try this routine next week. Is every set sepouse to be to failure?!

    Greetings from Denmark David

  38. AKniMaan says:

    Hey David, been following this routine for a while now. Wanna ask how would u suggest to add variations? I mean say Db bench press and Bb bench press. Do i do one on one day and the other on the repeat day of the same week? Or do u suggest to stick to one exercise for 1 week and change the exercise in the next week.

    And keep doing what you're doing man. BeastNation!

  39. CoolDrify says:

    do you think i could gain 30 lbs in a year by doing this routine? im 16 turning 17, 140 lbs and 6'0. (given that i eat the right amount of calories)

  40. What do you do if you aren't strong enough to do a pull-up?

  41. Brandon P says:

    A guy my age at 45 wouldn't last long going full body 4 days in a row. I do much better with a 3 day full body resting one day in between workouts. Old school guys got huge with every other day.

  42. Hans Yosif says:

    Hey David, I noticed that the routine you show here has pretty low volume for each muscle group per day. Would it be a bad idea to hit 2 to 3 different lifts for each muscle group in the same day? I just started doing full body workouts instead of splits so I'm still learning the right way to do it.

  43. Hama tech says:

    hi is this program suitable for the intermediate ?or what should i change to make it suitable ?as I've been training for more than a year ..
    thanks and keeps up mate ..

  44. Awesome video, going to give this program a try beginning tomorrow!

  45. Good workout. Is it okay to it 4 times a week bro ? Coz im gonna do like wht u did.thanks

  46. Kyle Babb says:

    David, is it important to switch up your what techniques I use every week? As one week doing squats and lunges for legs but next week doing a different leg workout?

  47. dying breed says:

    My man you need to add those weighted pull ups , chin ups and dips on that list and it would be solid. beginners can stick to bodyweight but dudes with stripes can attach some weight No better tricep exercise to slice and dice those triceps than the weighted dips. 3-4 times a week.

  48. SubiHatchBoy says:

    Do you honestly think doing only 3 sets of a certain muscle as you showed in the vid, will work to get gains? For example, in the video for back all you did was bent over barbell rows, 3 sets im assuming, you think thats enough to get improvements? Will love to see an explanation, cause im debating whether if i should do full body or stick to two muscles a day.

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