SENIOR/BEGINNER 1-hour workout…easy to do exercises at home

This is another ONE HOUR interval training class – it has different exercises. Pace yourself and have fun with it. If there are exercises that you are not ready for, just march in place during it, or sit and rest. Each exercise is about a minute long. A water bottle, pair of hand weights, chair, and step are helpful if you have these nearby. ENJOY!! SWEAT!! Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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  1. yangcko saga says:


  2. Great workout, great music, great presenter.  So easy to follow but still challenging in places.  Thank you

  3. Really love your workout videos best workout for seniors..This one in particular i do every night and am so grateful to that i am seeing the benefits .Its great being able to do these in the comfort of my own home you are the best thank you

  4. what weight are the weight you are using 1 or 2 kg each ?

  5. I love your workouts, just perfect for me!😊😊😊

  6. katiegrav says:

    Thank you. Great video! Should I do this every other day due to weights used or is every day okay?

  7. Just did your workout for the first time and I love it. I'm pretty fit but at 66 just can't do the HIIT/burpees/high impact stuff anymore. This got me sweating and I will be putting on my regular roster of workouts. Thanks much and could you post the music you used? I'd love to work it into some of my other routines because I HATE loud, thumping rock.

  8. kiran garg says:

    Please upload new video

  9. kiran garg says:

    Hello me kiran from india I have started your workout 1month ago .these are reall great .iam never tired and bored with these

  10. Hi jenny.. My knees are giving up … They hurt a lot… Need soft exercises.. Love n blessings from Kenya Africa

  11. Laura B says:

    I'm light and pretty flexible but, are you sure this is the Senior version? Hmm…

  12. Thank u for uploading these exercises… My knees hurt a lot, I m 66 yr of age..pls upload knee's exercise… God bless u… From Kenya Africa

  13. ive nver sweated this much with other exercises. Thank you. very safe for a super senior.

  14. Thank you Jenny I have a bad shoulder but when your exercises it it getting so much better 😊

  15. I have just done your work out & I really enjoyed it. Thank you feeling good now 😊

  16. ssky9009 says:

    Thanks I will try but looks very doable and cross training

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