How To Design A Workout Plan

A little trip to Hunter K9 in Cave Creek then a discussion on what 2 things I think every workout plan needs to be centered around.

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4 Responses

  1. Paul Edwards says:

    I been training for bout 10 yrs steady. Its my lifestyle eating and all. Just some reason i feel like i dont have intensity no more. I do drop sets and all different things just dont feel like i lay it all out no more. Not sure what i need to do different. I havent lost interest at all i love to train.

  2. Paul Edwards says:

    Good advice. My girlfriend trained dogs for thisableveteran. We love dogs.

  3. Just discovered your channel and find your content very helpful. Have encouraged my husband to subscribe to your channel too as we are both on a journey to improve our health, gain muscle and strength. Thank you so much!

  4. Sunny R says:

    Thanks for sharing! You and your partner are doing a great work of helpi these dogs. Keep up the good work.

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