Standing Exercises for Older Adults

As we age, physical activity helps us attain our goals, maintain our functioning and promote comfort. In addition, routine exercise can help reduce arthritis pain, improve mood, sleep and blood sugar control, as well as affect memory.

This video includes both balance and strengthening exercises, which can prevent falls and hip fractures. This video is appropriate for those older adults who can stand with minimal support.

Learn more about these exercises and download exercise instructions at

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47 Responses

  1. O O says:

    Not a sturdy chair

  2. Julia Branca says:

    Great info..stay strong &fit..💢💥🔥✨💪👍

  3. Sally F says:

    Your model looks to have some serious issues with her neck, including the neck going forward excessively, and compromised posture at that level. I found myself worried about her, while doing these exercises, to be honest.

  4. I'd just do the exercise in Bulletproof Your Knee – your knee will feel as good as new.

  5. Donna Layton says:

    Couldn't we not tie the strap to the chair???

  6. Elaine R says:

    Really good video for someone older, it is straight to the point (no waffle) clear and precise. Thank you.

  7. leon Adam says:

    Most of the exercises are useless, but thanks anyway, I can teach better then that

  8. What am I doing here I’m 15 xd

  9. Thank You for this video , my father really needs it ,and especially the respectable attire for a senior .

  10. i have moving disability. calcium deposited in my hips joint ,so it fixed
    i sit on high chair,it has long back support and shoulder rest (handle) ,tell me upper body exercises that i can do. I cannot move by my own ,stand with someone's support and can't move my legs

  11. Dylan Olson says:

    I am a personal trainer and recently was hired by an advanced age client and I was looking for general ideas for a very deconditioned client. We will be training in his home with minimal equipment. This video has given me some great ideas. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for for sharing with our over 50sclub,they are doing their best to follow,#gooddeedsclubiLiam

  13. Hi, my Mum isn’t quite this able. She’s 86 and has had several strokes which have affected her balance and mobility very much. She was able to do the seated ones, and she may be able to do some of these, but not the first one – getting up and down from a chair 10 times. Do you have any slightly easier standing exercises videos that last about 10 minutes?

  14. Looks very interesting. Think it is what I've been looking for.

  15. This is a horrible display of beginning to stand on one leg without support. No!No!NO! A good starting point would be using both chairs for support and hold stance on one leg for 3 to 5 seconds. 30 seconds is a very advanced move and most seniors with balance controls issues cannot stand on one leg unsupported for 2 seconds.

  16. The instructor did not mention how long to hold each stretch and to not use leverage from one stretch to another.

  17. Instructor assumes that the participant can do 10 sit to stand exercises with arms crossed. My quads are very, very weak and I can only do about 4 reps without tilting and straining. Why do some instructors use a base 10 number all the time? How about 7 or 9?
    The video should also show a front view of the participant doing this exercise.

  18. Core Cubed2 says:

    These are wonderful for helping seniors improve balance, something that's crucial for fall prevention. Additional tips to help keep seniors safe from falls can be found in this article:

  19. Bella Marie says:

    I watched your video with the gentleman doing sitting exercises and they were nice and slow great for people who haven’t exercised in ages. Then I watched this video and I felt rushed doing the leg exercises. I had to stop looking at the woman exercising because she was throwing me off. Your instructions and her motions didn’t jive.

  20. tasneem 88 says:

    Thank you so much for this information exercise

  21. Norrr says:

    I’m 26 but I stand in one spot for 10-12 hours this helped a lot thank you!

  22. You are great I am 80 yrs old l understood all. Thanks

  23. Good information you are provided, Are you looking for the elder care services? I suggest you Heritage Medical Centre it provides you best health care services for your loved elder one.

  24. Mr. J says:

    hey ,if anyone else wants to discover exercise program for seniors try Loctavan Senior Fitness Strategy (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got great success with it.



  27. I like holding legs exercise
    Easy and effective

  28. i let my mom do this and shez 80

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  30. Jestem pozytywnie zaskoczonya

  31. Jean Quarmby says:

    Lovely. Keeps you active

  32. Karla Felix says:

    Thank you for this routine. I contracted arthritis at 34y.o. This helps

  33. Thank you so much! I teach a combination yoga and dance on chairs for seniors. Your clear directions, noting the muscles involved, and adding timing is immediately going to upgrade my class! We all thank you!

  34. Some of these were very easy for me, but I was surprised that I really needed the balance practice, Thank you for posting this series.

  35. Clare pover says:

    Gradual build up of muscle strength. Easy to follow. The shoulders to neck to top of head and chin positions need to be relaxed. Enjoy the whole body when exercising,. This can help to flow the energy. Clear demo. Alternative, Hover hands over a counter top or table doing the balance exercise. Help your balance to get better rather than challenge. Halfway tandem is good, one foot, beside, your other foot. Simple routine, will bring well being…. just “do” …..

  36. Very good for elderly people

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