The PERFECT Abs Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

The perfect abs workout should consist of exercises for not just the six pack or rectus abdominis but other important muscles of the core as well. That said, even that doesn’t make the ab workout complete. In order to round out your midsection you will need to hit the obliques, transverse abdominis and serratus with a variety of carefully selected ab exercises to hit every function of the abs in the right sequence. That is what we do in this video.

The problem with ab focused training isn’t just that it trains simply a fraction of what the core muscles are capable of but also that many people choose the wrong exercises or ones that duplicate the same function. For instance, if you look at the basic crunch, you will see that there are many different ways to perform it. Most of them are just duplications of the same top down motion. Putting too many of these too early in your ab workout is going to make it nearly impossible to perform the more difficult lower ab movements or rotational oblique exercises later on.

You see, there is a specific sequence of ab exercises that is going to give you the best chance of performing them with optimal energy. You ideally want to start with movements that move the legs towards the rib cage. The weight of the legs alone can be enough resistance to challenge the muscles of the abs (particularly if you are a beginner). General fatigue from your ab workout is going to make it imperative that you start here. Then, you want to incorporate rotation into these lower ab movements, followed by the rotationally driven oblique exercises. Finish up your routine by transitioning to bottom and top half moving together (in our midrange movements) and then all top down and top down rotational exercises.

The final piece of the puzzle is the serratus. Many people will overlook this muscle as an important core muscle but it truly is. Because of it’s role in stabilizing the trunk by keeping the shoulder blades in contact with the rib cage, they have an integral role working with the obliques. Both control rotation. The obliques controlling the rotation of the entire torso while the serratus are controlling the rotation of the scapula around the rib cage.

The other important element of a perfect ab workout is making sure that you hit each of the major functions of the abs and midsection muscles. It’s not enough to just curl your trunk up as if you are doing a crunch. The role of the abs is sometimes to prevent motion all together. In this perfect ab workout, there will be anti-rotational exercises as well as anti-lateral and anti-extension movements.

As you make your way through the workout however you also don’t want to miss the chance to train explosively. When you train like an athlete you always want to speed up what you slow down with your heavier weight training. The sledgehammer swing is a perfect example of this at the advanced level. Perform this powerful ground based ab exercise explosively and you will learn to use your lower body to generate force that your core has to command.

Here is how to construct the perfect abs workout for beginners:

1. ISO Reverse Crunches x 30-60 seconds
2. Seated Ab Circles x 30-60 seconds (alternate cw and ccw directions)
3. Recliner Elbow to Knee Tucks x 30-60 seconds
4. Opposite Side Tuck Planks x 30-60 seconds
5. Oak Tree Stepouts x 30-60 seconds each side
6. Banded Pulldowns x 30-60 seconds
7. Plank Pushaways x 30-60 seconds

Here is how to construct the perfect abs workout for more advanced lifters:

1. Hanging ‘X’ Raises x 30-60 seconds
2. Hanging Leg Spirals x 30-60 seconds (alternate right and left twists)
3. Tornado Chops x 30-60 seconds (alternate right and left chops)
4. Opposite Scissor V Us x 30-60 seconds
5. Sledgehammer Swings x 30-60 seconds each side
6. Banded Pulldowns x 30-60 seconds
7. Plank Punchouts x 30-60 seconds

When you put this together in the format as I’m suggesting here, you not only now hit the abs through their full functions but you hit them in the best sequence to ensure your success.

This is just one example of how to apply science to your ab workouts. If you want to train like an athlete you want to put science back in every workout you do. You can do that with the ATHLEAN-X Training Programs available at the link below and get started right away on building a ripped, muscular, athletic body.

For more ab workout videos that also hit the obliques, love handles and six pack, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at the link below and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you never miss one.

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  1. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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  2. i hurt my backbone with ISO reverse crunch. I need help

  3. Daigle Bagel says:

    I'm fat and half of this I can't do but I'm going to try

  4. My upper back always hurts when I try to do reverse crunches; I imagine this is an issue with my form but I’m not sure what to be specific

    Anybody have a tip?

  5. Fatal 4
    1.Spiderman plank crunches (30 /60 each side) (2min)
    2.Alternating V-sit-up 60(4min) each leg
    3a.Slow Bicycle crunches 60(4min) rep count on same side crunch right left 1, right left 2
    3b. Reverse crunches 60/120 (4min)
    4.Oblique toe touch (30/60right left then 30/60 Left right (4 min)).

    (In between )
    superman exercise (2min)
    1.Cobra stretch (2min)
    2.Back Bridge (2min)
    (A)girl pushups 25/100 (3min)/ reverse crunch 60 (2min)/Step threw planks 60 (2min)each leg
    (B) runner stretch (2min ) each leg
    4.Side kicks 60 (2 min each leg )

  6. Aramis Leon says:

    How sets do we do of each?

  7. norkboy88 says:

    Have you comprised a new routine that includes "the screwdriver"?

  8. Jason Husena says:

    Do you only do one set for all of them?

  9. sorry to say but you talk too much, i'd prefer to show more than you talk.

  10. MrBombel says:

    5:05 nogi do ciała 30-60
    6:00 V sat i robimy kółka 30-60
    20/30s przerwy
    7:15 v sat, kolana do łokci 30-60
    8:25 deska, łokcie do kolan 30-60
    20s/30 przerwy
    9:35 guma do czegoś i chodzimy lewo prawo/swing 30-60
    11:00 na kolanach, guma do drążka i ściągamy w dół 30-60
    13:00 deska, w górę i w dół 30-60

  11. Can i do this everyday?

  12. John Marston says:

    I barely have abs but i will tell you. Dont be ashamed if you have a 4 pack and exercise as much as a dude with 6 pack because its just genetics.

    I mean look Arnold Schwarzenegger, he only had 4 pack.

  13. You're my favourite yt fitness guy Jeff. BUT hats of to the legend who edited this video @8:37

  14. Yu Chris says:

    How can I fix my waist size if I over trained my side abs. I always do weighted Russian twist now my waist size is really wide…

  15. ben H says:

    How many sets or just 60 seconds?

  16. Mylan Stijn says:

    Can you do more Perfect Workouts a day?

  17. We need a diagram
    Jeff: hold my shirt

  18. How many sets of this whole circuit?? Do do one exercise once for 30 to 60 seconds??.

  19. Dyl W says:

    How long should u stay on beginner before moving to advanced

  20. rondovk says:

    HOW can all this content be free!!?

  21. Robb Cole says:

    we need an update to this with different exercises, pls

  22. Alca Traz says:

    My lower back hurts in most of the beginners excercises

  23. No One says:

    So I was excersising for almost 2 years, and I though like "this is easy man", then I started doing it and I change my mind right away, I am so glad I discovered you, I didn't have any results, I believe I will have them now 😀

  24. Control says:

    This seems like a great workout thank you ! Just wanted to know the frequency per week that we should aim for.

  25. Jason Bravo says:

    …But with the Hanging "X" Raises and Seated Ab Circles, wouldn't that work the hip flexors to a certain extent?

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