4 Week Sleigh The Holiday CHALLENGE is here! // Free Workout Plan

It’s that time of year girls! Our 4 week holiday fitness challenge is back! Join us for free daily workouts, healthy recipes & new at-home workout videos. Plus we have MAJOR prizes & giveaways. 🎄 JOIN the FREE Sleigh The Holiday Challenge – http://bit.ly/LSFSleigh 🎄

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💪 Get FREE Daily 10 minute workouts: http://bit.ly/Daily10YT
💪 Download the LSF Workout app! Free 7 Day Trial: http://bit.ly/LSFapp
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Disclaimer: Love Sweat Fitness recommends that you consult with your physician or do your own research before beginning any exercise program or using any advice given. It is important that you be in good physical condition/health and be able to participate in the exercise and be informed of your personal health conditions to make the best choices for YOU.

By participating in any workout or workout program or taking nutrition/health advice such as this, there is always a possibility of injury. If you do take part in this workout or any LSF workout program, you agree that you do so at your own risk. You also agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and will assume all risk of injury to yourself. You also agree to release and discharge Love Sweat Fitness and Love Sweat Fitness, Inc. from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Love Sweat Fitness and Love Sweat Fitness, Inc. negligence.

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34 Responses

  1. Comment "SLEIGH" if you're in!!!

  2. T K says:

    This is such perfect timing for me! I was supposed to have a hysterectomy today was getting all prepped for surgery and taking my vitals my BP was thru the roof like they wouldnt be able to put me under so starting a new clean diet and needed a workout plan! Surgery was canceled until BP gets regulated with correct meds, diet and exercise! Already went and signed up! Thank you!

  3. Rae Rae G says:

    Can’t wait to Sleigh it!

  4. I registered last night but I didn’t receive an email with my printable ebook, and I checked my spam folder, any suggestions? Can’t wait to sleigh!!!

  5. Unrelated to the challenge but where did you get ur layering necklaces?!

  6. Bree says:


  7. elsa ortiz says:

    Love ur challenges but since the app everything is on the app every single workout but thank you

  8. Heyyy! Where do you get your workout clothes? Love youu

  9. Kelly Clark says:

    I'm so excited to start!!

  10. theFitty says:

    Well, this just makes December THAT much more exciting!!

  11. Yass! Can’t wait for the challenge. SLEIGH!

  12. I'm in rest & recovery at the moment letting my body heal from an illness, but as soon as am tip top again will be ready to go & sleigh the holidays lol. Good to see the fitness gang growing & love the montages of you having fun 🙂 Aubre looks like actress Vanessa Kirby!

  13. I have joined and can't wait to see the pounds off! Sleigh!!

  14. I need a friend like you! Lol

  15. I signed up but didn’t get an immediate email, does it come later?

  16. Best wishes to all those joining the Sleigh The Holidays!! We can do it 💪

  17. This inspired me to get fit and pillow fight at the beach 😂🎅🏻

  18. Tass Girl says:

    Yess I’ve been wanting to get fit SLEIGH 🛷

  19. Debra Roth says:

    Love watching your work outs videos all your videos Katie

  20. Yes!! Can't wait to sleigh! Love you girlies

  21. Soph Kova says:

    Oh my goodness you are so sweet!! I am so excited to SLEIGH with you guys!!🌈🏝😊🎊🎈

  22. Yess! I love this! I definitely need to follow a program for the holiday season! Also, you guys all look so good in your christmas pjs!!

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