This was my workout routine when I first started weightlifting and it was really effective so hopefully you guys can use it as a guide to plan out your own workout routine.


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40 Responses

  1. Euodias says:

    Dear user Z Sale,
    I was going through my comments way too fast and accidentally deleted yours. I feel horrible so I’m going to repost it below ⬇️

    “im a 26yrs old guy and ive been a trainer for over 5 years…i studied sports science and fought in mma bouts and i can tell you euodias is absolutely right. This is the actual input that you need to really grow and build muscles. working out a muscle group once or twice a week is NOT enough. high volume, high weights and 2-3x a week is what REALLY shapes your body. have a nice day”

  2. angi pr says:

    I love uuuuuuuuu girl thank uuuu so fucking much❣️😭❤️❤️

  3. Haineko says:

    omg thank u so much for this😍😍😍 am i the only one looking forward to the intermediate and advanced version of this?

  4. Justin Caleb says:

    Any reason why you didnt do any chest in that workout?

  5. Omg Euo, thank you so much for this video! I've been thinking about going to the gym for a while but I was super afraid to do so because I didn't know where/how to start it. I'll definitely use your workout routine as a model. Thanks for all the tips! You're such a great inspiration for a lot of girls that are trying to get more confident with themselves 💖💖💖

  6. Could you make a video on the food that u eat and what protein shakes u drink???to gain weight pleasee

  7. IL0V3MU5IC says:

    can you only get these results by going to the gym and doing weights? bc I don't have access to both and would love to know an alternative. :/

  8. Planks are the worst part of working out ugh X/

  9. Emily N says:

    Did you find your thighs grew significantly or in proportion to the way your glutes grew? Also can you please do a video on what you ate 🙂

  10. Gday mate says:

    do you have someone who spots you when you do squats? i am always so worried about form, but have no friends to go gym with.

  11. Literally just the activation exercises are gonna kill me

  12. What should I do if I can't go to the gym?

  13. mari says:

    for how much time did you do this exercise?

  14. LAKEY INSPIRED! That's my f*ckn dude right there.

  15. Yuxing Zhang says:

    you did all this as a beginner?? WOW. i have low tolerance and stamina rip 🙁 but im so proud of your journey and progress so far!! btw how long does one workout session last for you?

  16. xKurimu says:

    I saw your last video on this and it inspired me so much. I’ve been thinking of starting to go to the gym, but this is making me wanna kick start it off for 2020! Can I ask if you take any protein bars or powders etc? Sorry if it’s a silly question! I’m sooo new to this!! Sending you love ❤️

  17. Christine L says:

    YESS THANK UUU for a comprehensive workout plan! im so inspired thakn uuu

  18. Floatinghihi says:

    I want buns of steel help

  19. Lux Celeste says:

    Please do a fitness video!! So that we'll be able to see how it really works. Thank you!!

  20. Megan B says:

    Drop the what I eat to be slim thick sis ❤️

  21. L C. says:

    Hi 🙂 I was wondering if you could share a PDF version of your beginner's routine? it'd be really useful to refer back to as I try your routine out. Great video by the way and I admire your resilience 😭 Thanks!!

  22. Su ga says:

    I legit started researching and eating less when I watched your last video.. Im gonna start working out if im ready!

  23. Ella Xu says:

    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ I’m an absolute beginner, I will try to follow this well

  24. Imani Fuller says:

    Could you write the exercises in the comments, please?

  25. Taichouツ says:

    am i the only dood here?

  26. Madison Crum says:

    You've inspired me girl! This seems like fate; my new job has the benefit of a gym membership, the signs are telling me to get the booty.

  27. honestly 2019 was not my year. I fell in depression and because of it I had to drop out of school, I'm still in the process of healing but I'm really fucking insecure abt my body and I want to change that. So 2020 will be my year to fix that and get my life back on track. I have a feeling that this video will help me a lot, and so did your body transformation video, it makes me feel motivated and like I have a chance. So I just wanna say..thank you for that!

  28. JeyTang says:

    This is amazing! I literally started going consistently to the gym this week because I loved the confidence you had in your last video. Appreciate this so much 🙂

  29. Holy fuck. So many reps and sets. As a dude, i personally do more explosion/heavyweight then volume/high reps. I barely do activation exercises. I ofc run or jump rope, foam roll and do the compound with only the bar alone, but god your routine looks soo time consuming

  30. aivalani says:

    Be my personal fitness trainer ;-;

  31. Anna Nguyen says:

    Do you have any at home workouts you like?

  32. Esdri24 says:

    What's the name of your resistance bands?

  33. April says:

    I have a full time job and uni classes at night… I can only do all this at the weekend… fml..

  34. ARI ♡ says:


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