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31 Responses

  1. Sir night me Mai 7 pm. Pe dinner le leta Hun to kya after dinner Mai running ya walk dono me se kya Karna chahiye

  2. Daipayan Dey says:

    Can I eat/drink fruits/juice 1hour before my work out?

  3. Dushyant Ban says:

    Sir in morning if I start my workout at 7 am so can i eat apple at 6:55 am or I have to maintain more gap if yes then how much

  4. Add (Indian) to your video so you won't get more dis.

  5. Moin Khan says:

    Sir, is it okay if I do my workout 6 hours after lunch and hava a banana/cashew/black coffee before starting? Which of these is the best?

  6. Sir..I take 5 boiled eggs , daliya and one boiled potato before going to much time should i wait before going to gym..

  7. Arkam Khan says:

    Sir as a beginner I'm using dumbbells each weighing 5 kg so how many reps per set and how many sets should I do considering that I'm a beginner and using 5 kg per dumbbell which is 10 kg total weight.

  8. Sir, I conjume an apple pre workout at morning. it is going or bad suggest me.

  9. frnd but sba to kahetyey hian ki i mean aall dieticians and doctors tell that do exercise alwyas in the morning empty stomach frnd it will be best beneficial fr u body ji bajaaeyy ki aap din main ya phir shaam ko ya phir raat ko exdercise kareyy

  10. Sir dinner ke baad walk pe jaana theek hai ya dinner se pehle? Mei 7:30pm dinner karta hun aur 10pm sota hun.

  11. sir agar humain weight loss karna ho to morning workout k bad kab meal lena chahiye?

  12. roSh ViNI says:

    Hi sir can u do video in English

  13. Sir cardo after or before workout for fatloss…. which is good…

  14. sukesh k says:

    Sir even mention the acute solution to that….

  15. Again a good topic, good Explaination, and a good vedio sir…. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Sir me morning me jym karata hu & usake 20-30 min. pahele banana🍌 khata hu, kya ye sahi he, plis replay sir….

  16. Amaan Khan says:

    Brother can we do workout after dinner??

  17. nexus smart says:

    Biryani rice good or bad. All Water is thrown from rice.

  18. vivek rana says:

    Sir ji I have tea before workout because i go to gym in the morning and cannot get from bed unless i drink tea is it ok

  19. Amey Prabhu says:

    At the time of last set of the workout I always feels hungry unless i had meal before work out then I usually eats whole eags immediately after work out is it write or wrong please suggest

  20. ami ami says:

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Sir after saw your all video's very concisely. Seriously I am really big fan of yours sir. Aap jitna bhi reason dekar jis tarah with logical tarikese facts par Jor dekar samjhatey hai. Seriously mei samajhta hoon aap behad behad kaabiley tareef hai sir. Ase he agey aap videos banatey rahey. Or mujhe aapse jald he Milne k liye appointments Miley. Mei yeh he wish karunga. Thank you sir.

  22. Sachme sir apke video dekhe bahut achha aapne bataya hai .kyuke bahut galat chise hum kha rahe hai..indian log Europeans ke culture ko apna rahe hai ..jab ki hamara indian food itana helthy hai…thank u so mutch sir…apke video dekh kar bahut log motivate ho jayenge….thanks.

  23. Arun Bhagat says:

    Your every video is special sir

  24. Rinku Saini says:

    Well explain sir u r best

  25. Jyoti Chanda says:

    I m the new fan of your knowledge… Thanks sir for your myth breaker videos…..

  26. Varshney Boy says:

    Sir m morning me workout krta hu and workout se 35 -40 min phle 200 ml desi gay ka milk with 1/2 scoop of whey and ashwgandha and sweetness k liye honey leta hu…koi prob to nhi h isme..mje during exercise koi vomiting and bloating nhi hoti….

  27. Neethish u says:


  28. Which workout should I do for burning fat ??

  29. Hello sir,
    Is morning workout was good for bodybuilding? Or not?

  30. How much gap we should maintain between meal and absworkout?

  31. can you make video on how to eat chicken breast

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