Intense 10 Minute Total Body Workout! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home

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10 Minute Total Body Workout with Dani! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home for Beginners

Dani gets you ready for bikini season with this quick and intense Total Body Workout! Great for all levels, this HIIT workout also has cardio benefits!

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44 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube:

  2. So did anyone get really good results? If so how often do you guys do this work out?
    I’m trying to get started •~•

  3. Great workout, motivation 100%. I missed my morning run but i had 14 mins before getting ready for work and i found you thank you. XX Subscribed

  4. Cindy Nero says:

    I need to start toning. Am setting up af few routines so I will add this one. Tanks

  5. Aysan Sarai says:

    Wish there was a timer

  6. Sophia Mayo says:

    I’m cramping up pretty bad in my legs is that normal??

  7. Kaila Smith says:

    I have thyroid disease and I've been bed ridden for about the past two years. I didn't realize how absolutely out of shape I was. I'm going to try this work out and see how far I get.

  8. Wayne Noon says:

    I would appreciate if you could show some love on my video, drop a like or comment. I’m trying to get it noticed for when I start personal training. Thanks!

  9. Can i contact u personally mam

  10. curlycandy says:

    yay< i didnt stop this time!

  11. Dragon359 says:

    Well I made it through the workout, but I couldn't go quite as fast, and admittedly I was somewhat distracted by the lovely host. 🙂

  12. This woman is a beast! This is a killer workout, definitely not for the novice

  13. curlycandy says:

    i love how youre in the struggle with us

  14. i love how i can hear your breathing bc i either forget to breathe properly or focus on it way too much. this kinda helps keep me in check. great workout

  15. Loved it!! Thank you so much!

  16. Harish Konka says:

    Hi…thank you lot…I like work out its out 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Belia Krouse says:

    Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal workouts. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  18. Oxx Oxf says:

    wheere're you from Dan?

  19. yea good video but would also like so see more massage videos too.

  20. HI Dani, im 42 and a beginner. I'm starting with your video and hopefully on to video 2. Awesome video, keep it up.

  21. eidetic 2015 says:

    For the "walking hands/arms into pushup" move, what alternative move(s) would you suggest for those of us with mild carpal tunnel syndrome? BTW, great workout!

  22. Alexis Kraus says:

    The walkouts seemed too fast! I didn't feel like my form was good from trying to keep up with her!

  23. steve c says:

    This is my favorite video!

  24. Y M says:

    Pay it forward. staying toned now that I'm older keeps the spring in your step and helps you run up and down flights of steps.

  25. LyfeWithDJ says:

    Going to try this workout later on today. Gotta prepare my mind for this! Looking forward to a fun challenge for my body! Thx 4 this vid! #ToHealth #FitIn2017 =)

  26. Shirin Najdi says:

    I love HIIT. Please do more videos like this.

  27. nathan600r says:

    Love the upbeat personality, I'll be checking out more of your workout videos.

  28. Great workout! Done in 10 minutes! Now I can go about the rest of my day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. are you shannon nicole's sister?

  30. No kidding, this lady knows her HIIT drill!

  31. I realized what I said, previously…yes I see that it is a warm up, should there be stretches before starting? and if so, what would you recommend…I am a beginner, not a novice but it has been about 9 years-Thank you.

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