Introducing The Sculpt Society 7-Day Full-Body Workout Plan by Megan Roup

Try this free 10-minute dance cardio and arms preview today!
Purchase the full plan on Glow by PopSugar, POPSUGAR’s fitness and wellness marketplace:

Join celebrity fitness trainer Megan Roup for a seven-day full-body workout series! This plan includes signature workouts from The Sculpt Society and is designed for all fitness levels. Get ready to build a strong, lean body through dance cardio and sculpting sessions. This plan includes:
– Four exclusive workout videos organized into a seven-day plan.
– A blend of dance cardio and sculpting workouts. 
– Minimal equipment needed; all workouts can be completed with no equipment or with light free weights and sliders.

Purchase the program now on Glow at: for just $9.99 and get ready to sculpt!

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13 Responses

  1. Julia Guerra says:

    YES! I love Megan’s workouts !!!

  2. This is an excellent workout, but the music…notsomuch.

  3. ohk Alice says:

    Your the best example of the self confidence and energy to have when working out. 👍

  4. Ok that looks good I'll try it

  5. bella maria says:

    Nooooooooo why dance workout again ?
    Do normal workout ❤

  6. kity Matos says:

    Eu #amo seus exercícios poderia colocar um legenda em português

  7. Betty Kovar says:

    I love Megan!!!👏🏻

  8. This seem like a funny one. Can't wait to try it out.

  9. Plz can you make a free workout program like a 30 day starter or weight loss program?

  10. John Howard says:

    Bring Jeanette back please

  11. SeñoraBell says:

    Looks interesting, I will give it a try.

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