Metabolic Resistance Training Workout Plan (10-10-BURN)

This metabolic resistance training workout plan will help you lose fat and burn calories!
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The best workout for losing weight and burning fat is an MRT workout. You are going to burn more calories by doing these high-intensity exercises than you would by doing cardio exercises such as running on a treadmill.

With this metabolic resistance training for fat loss workout, all you need is a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and 6 feet of floor space. Make sure to use a weight that you can shoulder press 10-15 times. This is a great at-home workout with dumbbells for weight loss.

10-10-BURN MRT Workout for Beginners-Advanced
(4:20) Squat Press – 10 reps
(5:18) Bent-Over Row – 10 reps
(5:52) Push-ups – to failure
(6:44) Deadlift – 10 reps
(7:27) Renegade Row – to failure

**Do all of these exercises without resting in between**
**Rest for 1-2 min before repeating the circuit**

Beginner level: 1-3 sets
Intermediate level: 4-5 sets
Advanced level: 6-7 sets
BAMF level: 8+ sets

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  1. Good Video about Training Workout videos. I will definitely follow your steps. Thanks

  2. Rayam Alam says:

    Really it was hard, I am tried in the morning and it useful. Thanks for the share.

  3. Gary Neyhart says:

    OMG….so did this tonight….after i did my normal routine and cardio at very lackluster pace. Used 15lb dumbells and that 15 minutes was more beneficial than the other hour i spent before…only 3 sets….

  4. md Monowar says:

    Very informative and well explained video. I have learned a lot from it. Thanks for your clear explanation.

  5. Really interesting advice. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Frank Diaz says:

    Nice video about the training workout plan. Might have to use it sometime.

  7. stj4mw says:

    I tried out this workout today and omg it felt great! The perfect quick workout for strength training and weight loss. Your channel is the best Doc, I wouldn't even know what MRT was if it wasn't for you.

  8. Will Smiff says:

    I like the look of the workout plan, great video.

  9. Great video. would definitely try it. Thanks for this man! keep it up.

  10. Chris Temmer says:

    It's also shocking how push ups never ever get easier. Bench press numbers go up, but push ups are forever hard

  11. Chris Temmer says:

    Squat press is brutal. Definitely will kick your butt

  12. mrsinik12 says:

    Like I said lads, high intensity cardio and high intensity weight training. Take a look at Dorian Yates my friends!

  13. Dennis Chu says:

    looks intense man. I need to try this one !

  14. Braggie says:

    Time for me and my Wife to hit the gym! We're gonna use some of these tips you've mentioned, very informal. Thanks alot! 🙂

  15. MMOspecs says:

    Thank you man, this video has taught me the key steps to metabolic resistance

  16. Really interesting advice, never thought of trying mrt before. Will be sure to look into it!

  17. tino lisa says:

    Great video. I learn a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This plan looks great, looking forward to giving it a try.

  19. I'm just getting back to the gym after a long break. Your channel has been very valuable to me.

  20. Tony Lars says:

    This is a great workout plan, going to get on this

  21. This will be useful for the upcoming winter months. Thanks for the video.

  22. Steve Davis says:

    This guy has helped me so much. I used to work myself in to the ground causing injuries. But now I'm lean and have great results with modest weighs

  23. Lam Par says:

    Metabolic resistance work out is right way to go for me, it not only burns more calories leading to faster weight loss , also burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

  24. I'm going to start working out after the holidays. I'm definitely going to try out the 10 10 burn. It seems like a really good workout to burn some fat.

  25. I never heard of this MRT workout, but I'll give it a try. I was to used to doing 15 min on that machine, but I'll try this now. Thanks

  26. You've provided excellent guidelines and demonstrations of all the exercises in the Metabolic Resistance Training program.
    Great video and very thoughtful.. Thank you for sharing with great explanation, I am going to share this tips with my friends.

  27. k kl says:

    burning allright. awesome vid!

  28. Very helpful exercises for fat people! Great tutorial man!

  29. estoy loco says:

    Tried this in the morning and it was hard, hopefully would pay off soon!

  30. Zeus83 says:

    Some nice exercise variety in this video thanks

  31. Nempie Blues says:

    Looks like a really great resistance training program you got worked up there Doc A! Get those boys in shape! 🙂

  32. kar mel says:

    This training workout plan seems helpful and worth to try.

  33. These videos are so helpful, I learn a lot from this video.

  34. MRT fat burn combination is a fresh and exciting high energy non stop workout , the fact that this exercise has a variety of skills level is both rewarding and inspiring , wonderful share.

  35. CK Santos says:

    Very helpful tips! Definitely a big help to those who are looking for a perfect training plan.

  36. Jacob Hale says:

    Very helpful exercises for fat people! Great tutorial man!

  37. amajors56 says:

    Looks like a great workout. Will definitely have to give this a try in my routines to see if it can help me get some extra muscle.

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