Quiet + Quick SEATED CARDIO HIIT | 15 Minute High Intensity Workout with a CHAIR

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Get ready for a quick and fun CARDIO workout, where there’s not just no jumping, there’s NO STANDING! This high heart rate SEATED cardio workout is better than low impact, it’s NO IMPACT, the perfect workout for you if you’re just beginning to exercise or can’t do any load bearing on your lower body.

Level ONE


Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
15 minutes

WARM UP (timer is set for intervals of 30 seconds and 10 seconds):
Arm Circles (30 seconds) + Arm Crossers (10 seconds), x2
High Knees (30 seconds) + Leg Crossers (10 seconds), x2

MAIN WORKOUT (30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; complete the circuit 3x):
Frog Reaches
Punch and Reach
Toy Soldiers
Side Reach with Side Kick

FINISHER(30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest):
Raised Leg Hold, 1x each side

Gentle chest, shoulder and leg stretches

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21 Responses

  1. New to exercise? 😅 Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It's fast, fun + effective: http://pahlabfitness.com/get-started/

  2. Oldee but goodie…thanks

  3. Hi from Canada love your workouts!!

  4. Paula, I don't know what I'd do without you and your chair workouts while my ankle is sore. You keep me sane 🙂

  5. I was so thrilled to have found your workouts! I love the variety, which is exactly what I need to stay motivated. Thank you for your realistic approach to fitness and well-being!

  6. Thank you! My ankle sprain is making it hard to do my normal routine. I’m so grateful I’m finding other ways to exercise that still make me feel like I’ve worked my body! This was wonderful!

  7. Hi mam can we reduce side fat and thigh fat with these exercises please reply me mam

  8. Thank you!!! I recently dislocated my knee twice and tore the muscles around it..this exercise helps me keep my body looking great and I love it! ❤️☺️

  9. Recovering from a knee injury, and I have work deadlines breathing down my neck. This SOOOO hit the spot! Thank you!

  10. Your workout is very hard but I am getting accustomed to it. Very challenging for chair positions. Thanks.

  11. Now that is a finisher that I can handel and handle rather easil

  12. Thanks so much for this great workout, Pahla! I have broken a bone in my foot so cannot do any real weight bearing exercises at the moment. This helps a lot!

  13. I would love your workout more if you put music to it.

  14. Hailey Kim says:

    I love what this lady is doing😊 she is so adorable

  15. Ann Ramsey says:

    The beeper is annoying. But thanks so much. I got a lot of ideas for quick routines to stop working for a minute and go back to my computer.

  16. Karen Bloom says:

    Just the right amount of challenge for me on Day 3. Good workout!

  17. Karen Bloom says:

    I love this workout and it was perfect for my Monday morning. Thank you, Pahla!

  18. Karen Bloom says:

    I love this one. Feeling a bit sore from the past two days so this non-weight bearing was just what I needed today.

  19. Cindy Long says:

    Was looking for an easy seated finisher to my morning workout using my weight bench, I found this. I used weights and no rest in between. Surprisingly enough, I got my heart rate up quite a bit and got a little more strength in at the same time. Tonight it will be run time! Yay!!

  20. Karen Bloom says:

    Great seated workout. My heart rate is up! Thanks, Pahla!

  21. Karen Bloom says:

    Another perfect workout for me. I'm at day 4 of getting started. Thank you!

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