Hit Every Muscle in 30 Minutes (Full Body Workout Routine!)

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38 Responses

  1. MAX BLACK says:

    I'm starting this workout today 💪!

  2. Another of an endless list of workout routines

  3. Walt White says:

    The way he planks made me throw up

  4. Matricious 1 says:

    … or just go swimming, "you" groundloving rock

  5. JoseTheVegan says:

    Great vid!

    JoseTheVegan on YouTube

  6. Brilliant as always, but I suggest you color the muscles affected by the exercise based on which of them is more related, not just single red color😉

  7. Sparkey says:

    Thanks for sharing Alex!!! Perfect workout routine

  8. Nice Arceo says:

    I eat pringles while watching this.

  9. U. S. S. A. says:

    It's always the same guy narrating (which is good).

  10. Love the videos with the girl. She's getting even more ripped, watch out, boys!

  11. Train your muscles not your joints. The best full body workout ever without putting strain on ligaments or joints with heavy weights

  12. Ivan Ivan says:

    You could do side-bends or sit-ups, but baby don't lose that butt! 🍑🎼🎶🎤

  13. Farhan Hamza says:

    Hi, is you online personal training a life time access?

  14. I literally wait a whole day yesterday for blackfriday code to get the master calisthenics bundle. Perfect money spent this year. Thank you!

  15. Patrick S says:

    Just do clean and jerks, hits every muscle so far as I'm aware. And you get the advantage of developing explosive power. But then I'm biased, could always clean and jerk as much as I could benchpress or even deadlift.

  16. Dzan 123 says:

    I have 11 half 12 can i start with traning

  17. CesarEJapan says:

    I've been doing your workouts. My body has changed more in 11 months of bodyweight training than it had in 5 years of weight training.

  18. Ekrem Bulut says:

    Teres major isnt lat 😂

  19. Dominik says:

    Is this everyday workout? Or should I do it 3 times a week, for example

  20. Triple xXx says:

    Glute raise, starting with the weaker leg, than the stronger one, Both for 30sec oder each for 30sek (summerized 60sec -> with squats 1,5min+ 2min rest-> 3,5 min each set)?

  21. joe boo says:

    what do you call those dip thingys

  22. Watching this made me sweat profusely.

  23. John K says:

    the voice resembles that guy from that comic video

  24. notbad bruh says:

    Im not have equiment to do rows what must i do instead

  25. ThinderGold says:

    I don't have any weapon I has only weights 8 kiloš

  26. That equipment is called or any link?

  27. m.blacktree says:

    I don't remember the woman's name. But she is in pretty good shape! 👍

  28. Rizky Rama says:

    Push-ups are nice (if you do correctly and challenging) 💪

  29. akhil p says:

    Also tell how to breathe , when going up & down in each exercise

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