4 Minute Fat Burning Battle Rope Finisher Workout! #CrockFit

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Hey guys! This is a quick fat burning workouts and full body conditioning that you can do as a finisher at the end of a workout. This workout is a tabata interval which means work on each exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds between each exercise. Keep going for 4 minutes (8 sets). Have fun!

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46 Responses

  1. Super DJ JD says:

    Great workout 👍😊❤️

  2. sagar verma says:

    Does these workouts help in reducing belly fat…

  3. sagar verma says:

    Thickness of 1.9 and 2.6 kg weight of the rope…is it ok for a beginner… help please

  4. 0:02 When your accent is so sexy it whistles when saying "quick"

  5. evole1 says:

    Damn enjoyed that!

  6. highflyer011 says:

    Good video, but without the steroids, this guy would be a 145 point twink, just so you rookies now

  7. Hateme 021 says:

    Cool beginner workout, I like to squat more and burn the legs

  8. Why 20 secs I did it a lot faster and was like speed bagging it fast yet only did around 10 to 15 secs

  9. sighage says:

    This looks so easy but bangs your ass when you do it…

  10. I just joined a gym with these, and got trainer instruction on how to use them. I never got so winded so fast, but it's getting better now.

  11. King Nash says:

    One of the most toughest things in a gym. Seems to simple but really difficult when starting out in a gym.

  12. P DR says:

    Cool exercises. Too many guys walking round in daisy dukes coming through switching when they walk.

  13. Nick Cruz says:

    To get the full exercise fat burning effect you must have those tube socks. Its the only way………..

  14. sjin says:

    You should have made those rude guys skip in the middle of the rope

  15. I love the bros that walk in at 2:25 mins. Hilarious.

  16. Vicky Daima says:

    Only for shoulder and back exercises not for fat burn

  17. OandresQ says:

    Cool starting these tomorrow, thanks!

  18. Jacob C. says:

    anyone actually try this suggested routine and actually burn fat?

  19. Hey thank you for the video. The only problem is when I’m in the garden doing it I can’t watch I can only listen with head phones. Could you please do a version with you talking over at the timer intervals please

  20. Doug Joseph says:

    four minutes of BS aren't going to make you fit

  21. Epsilon Wolf says:

    Love the vid. Can you do this for cardio workout? How long should you do this?

  22. Crypto Colax says:

    Actually I can do that with my penis, no ropes required.

  23. Imran Shaikh says:

    Does this help? I mean are ropes good for weight loss?

  24. What do you do if you have a shorter one? Mines only 18ft and it’s a lot smaller than I thought. All I can do on it is the waves

  25. You dont burn anything in4minuts

  26. Kind of struggling with those shoulder circles. LOL.

  27. my channel says:

    Thank you for this workout. What's the track? This is a banger

  28. Hell YEAHHH love these workouts

  29. Is it enough..For a faty body convert in solid or a little solid body…?

  30. Joe Katchmar says:

    Interesting exercise with a rope crockfitter

  31. Hi Alex , is 9m 38mm battle ropes works for the fat burning workout? your videos are so helpful and motivator to anyone who hust wants to kickstart.

  32. ABULLAOTS says:

    This is a great tip thank you buddy

  33. Adam Bro says:

    More like Noodle Ropes. They look super light

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