After many requests, here is my updated workout routine! It’s super easy and short, but it’s what I try to do everyday… I Hope you enjoy! XOXO 💪🏼💕

Check out my 10 minute ab workout!

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42 Responses

  1. Cora Royalty says:

    6:06 are alternating rope slams 😊♥️ great video

  2. can you do a video on your hair please 🥰

  3. Daisy X says:

    Oh those things are called battle ropes btw

  4. Where did you find that nike shirt could you link It please?

  5. Jacy Edwards says:

    You should do a video of you customizing your AirPods

  6. Could u do what u eat in a day ?

  7. Looks like a nice simple workout! Might actually give this a try xx

  8. l says:

    can you do what you eat in a day?

  9. heywhathe says:

    where are your shorts from? xoxo

  10. I loved this video it’s a realistic workout video that anyone can achieve getting started .

  11. Bruhhh imagine being this fit lol I need to start working out again

  12. 😂😎3 ginormous doughnuts, keep up the good work beautiful 🚀🚀 I don’t know why I just love her

  13. Rana Sss says:

    How to do exercises with this hair if I didn’t put a messy bun I can do exercises

  14. Katherine we need a new “what’s on l iPhone” video. I just peeped you upgraded also. If you don’t mind do a case haul also. 💜

  15. Mike Chen says:

    I recommend doing heavy barbell squats. Easiest way to get a big butt like all of the fitness Instagram models. As a girl u can get away with not doing upper body exercises and still look good, but if u want that big butt Instagram fitness model look, I think it’s a must do, fundamental exercise. squats alone will without a doubt make ur butt and legs bigger. The rate at which they grow depends on how hard u push yourself

  16. Ra K says:

    Please do a „reacting to my old cringy pictures“ ❤️

  17. Actually, Abs are one of the few body parts that are ok to work out every day.

  18. Andy Beers says:

    Boo, your slaying with those nails, OMG. 😉

  19. LivTheKid says:

    I have no motivation to work out on my own whatsoever…so I joined my school’s volleyball team💀 least I got abs now lmao

  20. Please Katherine can you do another ASMR video for us ✨

  21. Katie, If you were my personal trainer I'd SO have some New year's body goal resolutions!😍…

  22. I just started my diet because I unfortunately have been diagnosed with liver disease. I’m supposed to be active a little bit every day. I have heat allergy so it’s really hard to workout but thank you for the tips!

  23. I love your vibes 🥰 fs someone I would love to be friends with ❤️ LY

  24. Michael Lamb says:

    Allow me to invade that pretty liddo anus of yours 💦💯🤙

  25. Jake Fleming says:

    I’m ur sugar daddy bitchh

  26. jared says:

    if urlly want a burn during the leg lifts just add a medicine ball

  27. Yolanda Chen says:

    Literally how does one find motivation to workout in winter. All I want is joy chocolate and Christmas cookies lol

  28. Jill Harris says:

    You can do abs everyday!! The only ones you shouldn’t do every day are your major muscle groups (legs, back, bis, chest, etc). They should have a 48-72hr rest!

  29. fw.isabellaa says:

    what tiñe do you workout ?

  30. newtaurus1 says:

    I love you baby. You are so cool.

  31. Brinicole364 says:

    you’re doing battle ropes! they kill but are so good 🔥

  32. Raco Moore says:

    Can I just order a bod like yrs

  33. Mike Chen says:

    Where did u get the ab workout

  34. Who that fuck is that tranny? Not hating just didnt think you were into shemales but hey what ever float your boat THOTIANA haha 🙄🙄😏😏🧐🧐💩💩

  35. Bella James says:

    Love this x pls subscribe to Bella and Maddy

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