Workout Plan Part 1


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Building muscle is a hot topic for every youngster as well as gym enthusiasts. Muscle building is required very discipline workout starting from Monday to Saturday, by targeting muscles like biceps, triceps, chest, back, legs shoulders and Core exercises too. I Have not added Sunday because your muscle needs to rest for at-least once in a week. Adequate protein and protein-rich diet play a very important role in building muscles.

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  1. Arogyaatman says:

    Todays video is for fitness enthusiast, who wants to build muscle. Many more videos to come like this, so please watch, share and subscribe. Thank You

  2. Shiva Singh says:

    Fabulous Rahul bhaiya 🤘

  3. Ravi Yadav says:

    Excellant… yaar ..💪

  4. Your training routine is good, I will try it too !!!!

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