The New Workout Plan lyrics- BY KANYE WEST

thats where i got the lyrics to this song. i know there’s mistakes but what am i supposed to do about it?

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27 Responses

  1. The lyrics are displayed weird and often are too slow and don’t keep up or they go too far forward. And some words from the song are wrong

  2. Ravios says:

    Thank You Kanye, very cool!

  3. Kye Guard says:

    This song never gets old!

  4. does this remind anyone else of eminem? lol

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  6. KL says:

    this reminds me of eminem.

  7. Lola Spear says:

    i so didnt know j.cole got workout from this song. *blonde girl moment*

  8. Xo Summers says:

    i came here from fouseytube tbh

  9. I want to see you workout fo me!

  10. cpb ter says:

    3:30 on is what makes kanye better then all these rappers cuz he is a artist

  11. no. i came here because i have a good taste in music .

  12. J Cole sampled from this song 🙂

  13. you gotta have sex to get that right man no thanx!!!

  14. Aasim Soomro says:

    Can you put in those colored boxes (you know those red/blue/green boxes that they put after uploading the video) that cover up the wrong word with the right one?

  15. SlickthaMC says:

    J Cole sampled this perfectly so stfu and enjoy both songs cuz there both great

  16. I love that robot voice at the end

  17. AcidicLyricz says:

    dont drop the blunt or disrespect the WEED* nigga who the fuck disrespects a week. check yo lyrics

  18. i dont get why people say jcole stole's call sampling..something that many rappers do numerous times

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