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11 Responses

  1. Artemis says:

    Comment your top 3 New Year's Resolutions! ✨

  2. WWEMotors says:

    meow, Artemis. happy 2020

  3. eric brown says:

    I am 6 feet and skinny, I have to punish 4 and a half meals a day if I want mass. Women have it easy

  4. Happy New Year to you & yours Artemis my dear! Thank you for everything! 2020 the decade of hunt & the moon… And the decade of Agape Love! (: And the extreme for Artemis this decade… Because I challenge you to a dual… Can Artemis carry 80 pounds on her back… Ok 50 pounds in a backpack, not 80 like me, and hike up one mile, where the elevation changes from 1500 to 2200, like this Firegirl who works for SoCal, hiked up the mountain, with 40 lbs like that, you know those very pale skin innocent-looking girls with rosy cheeks, look like she could barely lift 20 lb, cute too, (not as cute as you though haha, lol)(I had to throw that in there what I'm going to say somebody's cuter than you on your channel I don't think so) but works for the fire department, amazing! Anyway just popped into my head challenges that you could do outdoors, a extreme environment such as that, that would be awesome something like that. Think about it somewhere Outdoors in the middle of nowhere of course with your dad with you and a samurai sword (: so the mountain lions don't get you, haha, but I see you doing something extreme like that girl! I challenge you Artemis McFly (: (inside joke) Let's do this! Happy new decade! Peace!

  5. Look forward to keeping up with you this year!!!

  6. I wish I were as motivated as you

  7. Lucia Aragon says:

    I’m excited to try this hehe

  8. Doctor Tech says:

    I'm excited. May do these on top of my gym workout too. Love it! ❤

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