Full Body Kickboxing Workout | Butt, Legs, Stubborn Belly Fat, Flabby Arms | Beginners Cardio

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Alberta Zemyra teaches you jabs & round house kicks to work your hips & core for a total body blast!
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This 30 minute workout includes stretches, warm up and cool to down to give you a full Cardio Workout session! These kicks and hits help you tone up and sculpt while boosting your metabolism for intense fat burning! This is a Beginner Level workout– Alberta teaches you the moves and how to do them right!

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33 Responses

  1. Sa Ya says:

    If you want to burn 11 calories in 35 min, THIS WORKOUT IS FOR YOU!!

  2. Hello! Check my channel as well. I post great challenging workouts that you can do anywhere!

  3. how many calories would this session burn??

  4. Didn't really like this workout. She really talk too much : she explains the exercise for five minutes, you finally start, do one rep, and then you stop because she's gonna talk for ten minutes AGAIN. I feel like this video was 20 minutes explaining and 10 minutes workout, it was really boring.

  5. PazElDog says:

    She's sooo pretty and she has a nice body.

  6. Focus Mike focus, focus, focus, lol anyway good work out momma keep up the good work ok.

  7. BigDaddy Lee says:

    She is so damn sexy and I am a female😂😂😅😅😁😁😏😏

  8. sofia osman says:

    may i ask,how you take time to get body shape like dat?

  9. Really good moves, I just felt like you were explaining them too much, andi got less of a workout. But still loved it and did break a sweat!

  10. Lots of explaining…needed more exercising….

  11. Queen S says:

    Does kikboxing make butt big or lose his whight?plz teply me tomorrow i go to choose this

  12. RCRyan76 says:

    please speed it up .the pace is super slow

  13. I have to draw you…the picture you have for this video I am going to draw that picture. You look so motivated, and beautiful. U look like Mulan in the disney movie…u look like u r Strong.

  14. RED Hollow says:

    What in the world?! She's gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍

  15. Way too much talking and not enough work out! Has to stop the video and find something else

  16. This was well demonstrated well done!

  17. Stumbled across this channel cuz im looking fir new workouts and i love this video

  18. I really like how she takes her time to explain and show how to do each exercise. Definitely will be looking her up for more workouts.

  19. divinetiming says:

    Interesting workout. Lovin it

  20. Mar Lopez says:

    the girl has an awesome body but the routime is so simple and too much talk

  21. E. A. says:

    Thank you for the video, Alberta is a great workout partner!

  22. Se me antojo ese chocolatito!

  23. Omgg thank you I’ve been looking for more mma like work outs everywhere

  24. kkplumkk says:

    I'm going to try this workout as soon as possible. I love how Alberta takes her time to explain how to do correctly each exercise, I feel so encouraged and less dumb!

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