How to Design Your Own Workout Plan + Make it More Effective

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For a more in-depth explanation of the 4 workout variables:

How to Design Your Own Workout Plan + Make it More Effective – Thomas DeLauer

The purpose of this video is to break down the various stressors, or variables, that go into working out. Training is adaptation to stressors, and, as such, we need to properly understand these stressors so that we can structure our workouts in such a way that we can manipulate them – at the right times – to maximize muscle gain, weight loss, etc. withOUT plateauing or overtraining!

Pre & Post Workout Strategies (pre workout & post workout meals):

Pre-Workout Recipe | Fasting Friendly | Cheap and Effective Pre-Workout:

Best Post-Workout Meals | Morning vs. Night:

Post Workout Coffee: Boost Fat Loss & Performance:

Helpful Workout & Training Videos:

How to Maximize Muscle Growth | Best Rep Range for Building Muscle:

Cardio Exercise: HIIT vs. LISS- Which Form is Most Effective:

Muscle Building | 4 Common Workout Mistakes:

Workout Performance- AM vs. PM (How to Get the Best Results):

Bench Press Workout Tips | 5 Ways to Improve Chest Strength:

How to Build Muscle with Fasting | The Ultimate Guide:

What Type of Workout is Best on a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet:

Building Muscle Over Age 40 – Complete How-to Guide:

References and Resources

Laird Hamilton: Harness the Power of Breath

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49 Responses

  1. Judten1 says:

    Please where can I find a printable food plan for your IF keto challenge????? Please

  2. Thank you God 💘 and blessings you make a difference

  3. Jesse Dean says:

    Just learned there is soy in my eggs. No wonder I have put on more fat. You have to be kidding me.

  4. Daniel Weber says:

    i like the way you implemented firas zahabis philosophy into your workout plans. when you made that workout plan video a while ago i watched that and have followed you ever since

  5. Thank you, mind reader!! Man, I was laying awake happily mulling over starting a new phase on Monday; muscle building. Lost 56lbs following the science; been maintaining, right through the holidays! I'm so happy and healthy. But, I want to tighten my stomach and get some glute muscles. I don't want to change clothing size, just sculpt. I was looking forward to seeing the video on spot reduction and reviewing your earlier presentation on that topic. This is so exciting! Best part, I'm inspiring women I meet every day! I'm a singer. I'm 60 and I look like I'm 40. When the mouths drop I refer them to the science! Size 4 leather slacks for my next gig! There's nothing better than feeling and looking good! I'm taking notes!

  6. Kathy says:

    oh, I've liked Laird Hamilton for a long time. He was on board with this decades ago. heh heh. no pun intended.

  7. Wow I've been training old school for way to long I'm going to try this thank you Thomus

  8. Kdog2024 says:

    I have been struggling with figuring this out. I had to go from 4 sets to 3 and doing a split of 2 days upper body and 1 day of lower body instead of doing 3 days of total body and it has seemed to help out quite a bit. I don’t think my body was being given enough time to recover.

  9. Ryan Madden says:

    This is what I do:

    • Upper Body Exercise
    • Cardio Exercise
    • Lower Body Exercise
    • Cardio Exercise
    • Core Exercise
    • Cardio Exercise

    Rest and Repeat

  10. Glad your talking workouts and not just diet. I’m not interested in IF or Keto, I follow the Mediterranean Diet but I can use all the workout info you can put out

  11. rigaleb says:

    So glad you also went down the fitness path and athletic part. 💪

  12. Tamra Myers says:

    When I went to the FAQ page of the app from your link it said it wasn't available for android. Is there a similar app that is that you would recommend?

  13. JK says:

    Sir,I am a male,63years age,live in India.I doing weight training,pilates,stretching everyday(as I am retired,time constraint is not there).Please suggest me workout schedule for a week as I am confused I keep on changing schedule.

  14. Question:
    I go to the gym every morning 4am before work.
    I do 30 on stationary bike set on 8 which is 4 miles.
    I do 30 min in sauna and 15 min in steam room.
    I know i need to add weight training but with tendonitis in my arms it is hard for me to hold on to heavy objects for this reason i only to bike…
    Would you recommend pool work outs instead ????

  15. Gylfie09 says:

    Can you review super creamer?

  16. Hey Thomas, It's any way to get your videos in Spanish ? Had you ever thought about it ? I have family members that saw my own 105 pounds weight lost journey and they want to get some tips to lose weight but none of them speak English ☹️☹️. Keep this good videos coming !!!!

  17. Philippe Jay says:

    I'm sorry but this training split is ridiculous

  18. Khaos768 says:

    So "One set per group" means that I just choose an exercise that could have 4 sets, and do only one set using the stresser?

  19. Wak Job says:

    I can't do 50 pushups anymore, but I can knock them all out in groups of 10 in about a half an hour.

  20. Craig Page says:

    More vids like this!

  21. Tou Chang says:


  22. Banehogg says:

    TDL: "It's SO important that you get enough oxygen – buy this app!"
    Also TDL: "Deprive yourself of oxygen when working out, it's great for hormesis"

    1. I've been doing occlusion arm training the last month and HAVE seen POSITIVE results
    2. can you do a video on that?

  24. Geekspeak10 says:

    Volume = Sets x Reps x Intensity/Load. Why is it split out separately?

  25. I have been seeing a lot of top fitness you tubers promoting these full body workouts …. I am really intrigued. I’m really interested in giving it a go for a couple of months, I think this would make the workouts a lot more interesting, increase quality volume, and I really like increasing frequency. I also hear you burn more calories, all wins in my book. great video, I am going to give this a go!

  26. Joz 17 says:

    Did you see the CNN article on Keto’s sustainably? I’m not surprised that now when Keto is in the lime light after all these years the record needs to still be set straight. I’m ok with questioning what Keto is but when articles come out that are misinforming the public that is bothersome.

  27. Should we change our exercise everyday or after few week

  28. Any chance you're going to start work out videos to go along with your keto videos so we maximize our results?

  29. Chris Bessey says:

    Speaking of oxygen, do you have any ideas for other ways to increase VO2 MAX? I think I heard that cordyceps can do that, for example.

  30. Dan Eck says:

    Old style Nautilus Arthur Jones one set to failure ! Strength training 3 times a week !

  31. Nick Holden says:

    Can you make another channel please specifically for this kind of info(workouts-training tips..) and like do 1-3 videos per week on that topic there is so much confusion on this sort of info and we would really love to see you clarify them
    Like so thomas can see please

  32. Hey Thomas! I need more of this topic from you!!! Do you believe in a push/pull/legs split???

  33. BaroNN says:

    congrats on 2mil subs mate!

  34. Molly B says:

    My goodness, I'd LOVE to see the progress on someone that has done one on one nutritional/fitness coaching with you!!!
    This video is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

  35. Crypto Plaza says:

    Make a Second Channel Thomas. Please ❤

  36. Molly B says:

    Does training in a cold environment inhibit respiratory warm up or performance?

  37. Mudkip Gucci says:

    Literally what I was thinking about thank you

  38. I M says:

    great information thanks.

  39. Kool Burn says:

    So who does this apply to? People trying to build muscle? Fat loss? Athletes? Be specific with your titles, not everyone has the same goal

  40. Brad Helm says:

    Very timely video, Thomas. Thanks! I've been wondering how to best organize my workouts for better effect. This gives me some actionable information to incorporate into my routines.

  41. Matriox says:

    Bro this guy is on fire with the content lately, keep it up Thomas !!!

  42. The Mober says:

    Pavel Tsatsouline is the guy that inspired my new workout regime. I wonder have you seen his videos. I recommend them at least.
    He has that similar philosophy of minor acute inflammation done many times, instead of crushing amounts in a short time.

  43. Why would anybody dislike this video? I feel like Thomas has internet trolls that just dislikes his videos because they go against the grain and people dont like change.

  44. The concept to do fewer sets more often (instead of going to your max and "one more") is similar to what Pavel Tsatsouline, Joe Rogan et al have been advocating. Like Thomas said, no science — but anecdotal. IMO, solid advice. It's a paradigm change for sure. Never train to your MAX, but just short of it…

  45. 18 mins of quality content, thanks Thomas!

  46. Morvarid Rad says:

    Hi Thomas, In one of your IF videos for women, you mentioned that women shouldn't fast everyday. How about everyday 12/12 IF routine? Thanks!

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