How to Target Glute Max, 10 Minute Butt Lift & Tone Workout, At Home Beginners | Eliz Fitness

In just 10 minutes, sculpt the glutes, hamstrings & inner thighs with a series of bridge pose variations. Optional Yoga Block can help improve your form & inner thigh engagement!
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21 Responses

  1. Cal B says:

    0:50 if you don't have that block you could always use my face

  2. mkmkmk 1111 says:


  3. king faisal says:

    I am new viewer of channel
    I have back pain since four years
    Can I practice your vedio??
    if I can than how to start???

  4. L says:

    This is so helpful for a beginner and easy to follow. After losing too much weight after a surgery and having a "bony butt" I need to improve muscle tone there. I hope this works.

  5. Rosey says:

    I’m always hesitant about these body weight workouts. I wonder if they actually build results?

  6. bikephil says:

    I seem to feel the burn in my right forearm when I watch this…

  7. Pyro Ignis says:

    Loving this top view angle you use when the instructor is on their back 👍🏼 thanks Corrina

  8. Jake Romero says:

    She has tree trunk legs. The butt blaster machine will also do the trick. 🌹👍👏👌

  9. Erin Nicole says:

    Sooooo when doing this workout, is it normal for me to mainly feel it in my front thighs? I'm trying to increase the booty size but I'm scared I'm just giving my thighs the workout….

  10. Adam Hall says:

    Nice can you do a video of pelvic movement

  11. Curtis 23 says:

    What if you have a pancake booty?

  12. ⛹️ ⛹️ ⛹️ Very helpful can't wait to see results 😍😍

  13. skijumpnose says:

    Eliz is great, Will she do another Asmr video?

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