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32 Responses

  1. Debra Elkins says:

    It is easy when everything is already chopped up 😀 that's the hardest part preparation and why people get lazy and don't cook.

  2. Nathan D says:

    Freeze one of the foods for 6 months? I don't have patience for 6 hours!!!

  3. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🍅🌶🥦🥬🌽🥑

  4. winter rose says:

    I usually love tasty recipes but this video gets👎yuck!

  5. Hennessy * says:

    More like how to get heartburn quick

  6. Alright this video didn't slap but the instrumental did

  7. Fantasyguy23 says:

    Ya… nothing quick or simple about ANY of this! Total clickbait!!!

  8. Captain Crow says:

    They don’t clean their pans…

  9. R MCK says:

    Who else wants to dance to that music?

  10. PUPIK LOVER says:


  11. Now Is says:

    They forgot to mention some important elements to have before making these dishes:

    1-Time (to shop and prepare meals)
    2Lots of money (to buy all the items, to order all the ingredients that are not available online or replacing them will assist work, a big fridge for the items used)

  12. Meat and eggs gives you bad proteins and my u have fatiuge so its better to eat ur greens

  13. Andy Wijaya says:

    Is that another one bites the dust in the background?

  14. hm woof says:

    The amounts of ingredients and spices used in all these recipes are just too much. Who has time to do all these: the long grocery shopping, food prep, and cleaning?

  15. Meh says:

    The fuck is up with so much chili powder

    And so much damn oil

    I want my skin nice and silky not my intestines

    Or maybe I do but not lathered in oil

  16. John Rhodes says:

    chicken breast, frozen veggies and brown rice/quinoa it is.

  17. I think I had watched this 20 times and am drooling again

  18. Usia55 says:

    Great recipes. Thank you!

  19. Raluca C says:

    Everyone complaining about the lack of protein.. Yet recipes include chicken, egg, shrimp, and legumes.

  20. OMG the chilli soup, too many farts

  21. It’s better to eat vegmeaterian

  22. Lily Looloo says:

    Most tofu and vegetable oils are bad for u. I suppose non gmo tofu is what I heard was ok to eat?

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