Push, Pull, Legs Explained | MY FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM

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32 Responses

  1. 1 all out set is better than an entire hlafass workout

  2. AlexGonz says:

    Can I do Push, Legs, and then Pull???

  3. Sam Govea says:

    right on brotha this really helped out a lot 🤙

  4. Matt rose says:

    Never thought I would brag about lasting 40 seconds

  5. Harry Bull says:

    My bicep and back are my weakest parts his biceps are stronger than my legs

  6. Avirup Ghosh says:

    Brother, thanks for the detail explanation and the split details. You are such a help. I would love to see your calves workout routine. Mind making a vlog of it? 🙂

  7. MMAoracle says:

    World’s nicest guy. And officially the world’s best physique.

  8. Thank you for this gift Chris…helped me out more than you know!

  9. Alondra Romo says:

    Wow.. thank you so much for all of this information! I’ve lacked motivation for so long bc I cant come up with workouts on my own and some on YouTube are just too much/complicated. You have really made this easy to follow. Again, thank you so much for this! 🙏🏻☺️

  10. Do you enjoy push pull legs more den the browsplit

  11. GAWER says:

    This video is a godsend.

  12. Enki Thunder says:

    Is he missing a tooth? hes voice is so wierd..

  13. M Riede says:

    Man your Training like a natty now

  14. Grace Car says:

    Great video. I just started super setting calves with leg press and now I feel vindicated.

  15. Prit Patel says:

    dude you’re a god i’ve been trying to perfect ppl split forever now and fully understand it and here you are explaining it finally to me thank u so much !!!

  16. Duffman says:

    Screenshotted and using as my new workout program. Thanks Chris lad

  17. greg grey says:

    can you explain the cable rows at 20:50 ish

  18. KVNCNLS says:

    HOOOOOOOLD up. 40 second SETS on leg press? You mean, just keep going for 40 seconds? holy fk.

  19. H0W Ea5y says:

    When do u hit abs 🤔

  20. Thank u champ ❤💪👊

  21. achangezi says:

    GOnna start doing this. You're so right about the whole scheduling part where you have to make sure chest and should dont fall back to back. Need a change to try and grow. Thanks for this CB

  22. Jay Hamilton says:

    Can you tell us your rest intervals please?

  23. hey Chris do many pros smoke weed? no calories compared to alcohol

  24. Steven says:

    Uh, you're dad would be much better off doing a full body workout 3 x per week rather than doing 1 x push/pull/legs….

  25. Do you think that’s enough pressing sets throughout the week? Coming from a bro split that seems really low to me. But then again Mr.O knows best. Very grateful for the information!

  26. Down to do armed security for this man so he doesn’t get taken into the dark side of the fitness industry

  27. Where is that hoody from?!

  28. Ricky Tudela says:

    Lmao “pull day one”

  29. IRELIA MAIN says:

    this video = one more subscribers

  30. J A says:

    Instead of having a fly and press push days it might be more beneficial to do upper chest (with incline bench, low to high flyes, etc.) and then a lower chest (flat/decline bench, high to low fly, etc) just a suggestion

  31. GainTrainFit says:

    Great content in here! After 6 months off due to injury I’ve decided to come back with something new, that I think has a lot of potential, so P/P/L is what I’ve decided on running myself. I’m planning alternating between a strength focused(S) PPL and a hypertrophy focused PPL (H).

    Routine breakdown will most likely run:

    Push (S)
    Pull (S)
    Legs (S)
    Push (H)
    Pull (H)
    Legs (H)

    I’m currently 3 days into the routine, and I plan on keep to it religiously for at least 12 weeks!

    Will be posting videos on my new Chanel as I progress through the program, if anyone wants to see how it works out!

    Cheers for the extra info Chris, good to see someone who obviously loves what they do👍

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