5 Minute Flat Abs Workout w/ POPSUGAR

Flatten your belly & tone your abs with this 5 minute ab circuit. I’m joined by my friend Anna Renderer – Host, PopSugar Fitness. See the standing abs workout I did on the PS channel https://youtu.be/SRq7XtDW0wg

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39 Responses

  1. t says:

    good things come to those who sweat- I'm sweating!!!!! 5min flew by:))

  2. Kyack move is my favorite. I noticed when I lifted my feet off the ground, my lower back collapsed a little bit. Any tips on how to prevent that? Thanks!

  3. Caitlingiano says:

    no offence but coming from a doing blogilates videos that was one of the easist workouts of my life. No offence to the people who made the video you were great and very encouraging but thats just my opinion.

  4. Katy May says:

    Love the tip on the last move to keep your weight over your hands more, made such a huge difference! Love this workout!

  5. My lower back hurts when I do some ab workouts and I feel nothing in my abdominal area?
    I'm not doing it wrong, I've taken videos and made sure that I'm doing it right and it looks pretty normal.

  6. A T says:

    I like ur workout plz suggest me which excercise will require for side fat and tumy fat . Thnk you . Wow luv this one 👍

  7. Inez Llamas says:

    I felt like some of them just werent focusing on abs

  8. Love love love 😍😍😍

  9. Intense!!!! Swim plank my favorite.

  10. Fun workout! I really liked it!

  11. That was great thank you!

  12. Yall sound horny for excersizes. It's funny it keeps me engaged in the workout

  13. So strong. In one row!
    I postet a Beginner HIIT workout on my channel, it could help you guys to start with HIIT Training.
    Have a nice day!

  14. Jasmine says:

    I did this after pop sugar fitness 20 min HIIT workout 🙂

  15. missaysa says:

    That was only 5 minutes but boy was THAT intense !!! Thanks for the burn Anna ! xoxo from France <3

  16. Another awesome workout to get in during study sess breaks! Thanks 😊

  17. gordknowles says:

    i am strong and happy

  18. This is my go to ab workout! Love it!

  19. Nesha says:

    This is one of my favorite abs workouts, done again 💪💪💪!!!

  20. This has been the longest 5 minutes of my life…

  21. All the movements are my fav! beside the rainbow- awkward and so had! lol!

  22. I loved the kayak move! Definitely helping me lose my belly fat!

  23. the butterfly totally kicked my butt…well abs!

  24. Loved the reverse bird dog. Really effective for lower belly which is where I need to concentrate. The 5 minutes went really fast so I know it was a good workout!

  25. xokizza says:

    This is pretty hard and it was only 5 minutes lol..

  26. So no one noticed that this 5-minute ABS was not even 5 minutes? Hmm.

  27. Dhana mano says:

    Will these exercise cure diastasis recti.. please do reply

  28. Jack _1245 says:

    Thank you so much! You two are the best exercise instructors I’ve ever seen thank you for all your effort! You’ve inspired me and many others to get off the couch and loose weight, thank you! Have a great day!😊☺️

  29. Nesha says:

    Came back. Done 💪💪 💪!!! Thank you.

  30. Cat Woo says:

    First time doing this and abs burn like crazy 😜 🔥 💦

  31. Kristy Gary says:

    two my favorites together!! <3

  32. I tried different 5 min Ab workout and nothing worked on me but this video got me feeling my workout, loved it! this will be in my daily workout videos

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