Hi everyone welcome back to my channel! In today’s video I am taking you through a FULL day of eating during my offseason – showing you how I prepare my meals and exactly what I eat meal to meal. Victoria and I also did a killer back workout, the workout is below if you want to give it a try. Thanks for watching and make sure to hit that like button and subscribe for further content.

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1. Underhand Pulldowns 4 x 15
2. V-Bar Cable Rows 4 x 15
3. Bodyweight Pull-Ups (use a band or an assisted pull-up machine if needed) 4 x failure
4. Rope Pullover 4 x 12
5. Mid-Row Machine 4 x 10
6. Knee High Rack Pulls 4 x 12

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46 Responses

  1. Aaden Trn says:

    You don't need to unplug the rice cooker. What's nice about Tiger is it'll keep the rice warm up to 24 hr. Also, you should try single arm curls on the cable crossover machine. Stand on one side while holding the opposite handle. Your arm should be shoulder height. Sort of like doing a double bi. That exercise really target the bicep peak.

  2. I’m so jacked my buddies call me 30 rack cause I walk like I’m carrying 30 of Busch light. Folks take notes

  3. john daniels says:

    Probably a dumb question but when you cook your jasmine or sushi rice do you wash it so it doesn’t clump together in the rice cooker?

  4. Phil Meup says:

    I like watching women shake the rope.

  5. Chaz Brennan says:


  6. Nice intro, if youre channel was around gaming. Please change it!

  7. RUSS B says:

    you should definitely wash your rice before you cook it.

  8. Is this Cream Rice the same a Farina? Cause I can't get that brand in my Country?

  9. Torin Kates says:

    All this nice stuff around the house… then there's that ghetto microwave. 😅

  10. Jury. A says:

    The whole day is all about eating, eating, eating and exercising. What a sad life.

  11. Heisenberg says:

    ever since watching regan i always add salt to my meals now 😂

  12. Big Kev says:

    Let's see some more Cheat Meals!!! I can't take really good cheats anymore… But you can.

  13. That’s an awkward spot for a microwave! Unique though, I’ll give you that. Haha

  14. What do you think about grits for a carb source

  15. Damn…what kind of toilet can take that beating?

  16. you good eating but no greens MY opinion you can saltee veggies with the rice — saltee in coconut oil (onions, peppers or whatever you like ). slow on the salt !

  17. love you 2 in the videos healthy !

  18. Keith Jones says:

    That workout Jam tho!

  19. Julio Luna says:

    The full day of eating videos are the best, keep doing them.

  20. Regan great video !!!! keep up the good work and btw her sister is hot lol ….

  21. Also, any tips for indigestion?

  22. Serious question – how many times a day in general do you defecate? Is it constant due to all of this food?

  23. J B says:

    What is that sauce he uses on his chicken and can i get in Usa?

  24. David Zamora says:

    Hey Regan. I think your overall plan to add more thickness and density sounds spot on but I think you need more size meaning more weight. I know it’s not the look that you want but in all honesty to compete against the top guys your gonna need to be 5 to 10 lbs heavier on stage maybe even 15lbs. Next to Juan you looked good but next guys like big ramy and dexter or even William bonac your gonna get outsized. Good luck bud your still young so you have time on your side.

  25. roman meier says:

    you should train ur biceps more frequent to bring them up.. hammering 20 sets on arm day won't do it.. just sayin

  26. The Master of Sauces and Seasonings.
    I Thought was BRANDÃO… Maybe you taught him!!!

  27. Keep up the great work, your videos really help me with eating

  28. Foxbo Bo says:

    take a lot of sterodis

  29. TuLa Nguyen says:

    Okay, this guy is huge

  30. your son says:

    this into made me think i was about to watch a bo2 trickshot montage

  31. Aryan says:

    My weight is 73kgs now so how much rice per day i should eat. For lean bulk

  32. RIz MUERTE says:

    Great vid bro u need a tv show!

  33. RIz MUERTE says:

    You need to use distilled water to cook your food ,rice ect and splenda is a neuro toxin look into this bro!

  34. FOCOnigga says:

    Do not understand being this puffed up

  35. Txigi M. says:

    Thanks for another video man, keep it up!!! Wish all the best!

  36. hardcoreGrat says:

    No vegetables or fruit? Come man you can do it!

  37. Haha my dog is always in the kitchen. I will say my dog eats like a bodybuilder.

  38. RG are not doing the Arnold??

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