DAY IN THE LIFE | gym session, pre/post workout meals, nails & shopping

today started with a bit of a pamper session because I needed to get my nails fixed. don’t know about you guys, but doing my nails is the least relaxing thing ever but the end result is cute (I do think that I should have gone for pastel blue now lol.. next time). then I made breakfast burritos for my pre-workout meal, did a LEG DAY, showed a mini shop log (HOW CUTE ARE THOSE JEANS?? I swore I’d never wear anything but skinny jeans but guess I changed my mind), and made pancakess! you have to try them. btw the grocery store didn’t have mochi icecream. so sad right


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14 Responses

  1. Omg those lashes are so pretty! 😍😍🤩

  2. roy says:

    you looks amazing

  3. Mochi ijs kun je bij orïental vaak kopen 😉

  4. Lloyd says:

    Het woord 'the' eindigt op een 'e' als het opvolgende woord ook met een klinker (a,e,i,o,u) begint spreek je het uit als 'die'. Anders spreek je 'the' gewoon uit als 'de'.

  5. Carbs don’t work with me. But food looks yummy!!

  6. You're super cute with two buns 😍😍 aaand I have already seen that all the ingredients for the pancakes are in my kitchen, sooo tomorrow is going to be "sophie's pancakes day" 💪🤗♥

  7. love these meals! are you vegetarian?

  8. that nail color look so good on you❤️😍

  9. Amy says:

    Pancakes look so yum! Can't wait to watch this! Ooo, those nails… I deffo need some pampering x

  10. Ahh you motivate me soo much I’m doing my journey on my channel and I can’t wait to see how far I get! Thanks for the motivation 🤞🏼💕

  11. layan Adel says:

    l'm from egypt and love u …😢

  12. layan Adel says:

    i love u ssooooo much

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