5 Foods To Eat To Quickly Gain Weight and Muscle

Sick and tired of being called skinny and weak? Looking for a sure way to gain weight or add muscle?

If so, this video is just for you! Yes, we know just how hard it can be to buff up — it can even be as difficult as losing weight!
But hey, there’s good news — you can successfully gain weight and muscle; that’s only if you can give yourself to eating the right foods.

So what foods are we talking about? Well, there are a whole lot of foods that can help but this video will let you in on five of the best.
More like the ones that can increase your chances of getting your dream body in no time.

Let’s check them out!

1. Milk
Taking the first place is milk — an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain weight and build muscle.
Of course, milk has been here for decades and the good thing is, it never fails to deliver.
For the most part, this food is chock full of protein making it perfect for those trying to add more muscle.
What’s more, milk is a great source of calcium, vitamins and other essential minerals.
Just focus on drinking a glass or two after your workout session — you’ll definitely see results!

2. Protein Smoothies — Stick with Homemade
Looking for a sure, quick and highly nutritious way to gain weight?
If so, we’ll recommend give protein smoothies a shot.
And oh, we know you might be considering store-bought protein shakes, but trust us, making yours will be much better.
The thing is, those commercial versions are typically loaded with sugar and also lack nutrients.
Remember — we’re looking to gain weight and muscle the healthy way; no diversions!
The good news? There are a whole lot of super tasty variations you can try — just do your homework, mix and start drinking!

3. Red Meats
Yes, red meats also happen to be on our list — in fact, they’re one of the best muscle-building foods right now.
For the most part, red meats contain dietary creatine; an amazing muscle-building supplement.
And oh, if you’re a big fan of steak, you’ll be happy to hear that it contains leucine; about 3 grams per 6 ounces.
Essentially, leucine is an essential amino acid the body needs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and add new muscle tissue.
But what if you’re just looking to add some weight? Well, red meats are perfect for you; they contain the right amount of fat and calories!
In fact, they’re way better than lean meats in this regard. Don’t hesitate to eat up!

4. Nuts and Nut Butters
Nuts and nut butter — both are just perfect for your weight gain journey.
First off, nuts are chock full of calories. In fact, eating just two handfuls a day as a snack can quickly add hundreds of calories.
And if you’re considering almonds, you’ll be happy to hear that just a small handful contain more than 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats. What more could you ask for?
As for nut butter, you can choose to get some (preferably 100% nut butter) and add to whatever snack that tickles your fancy.

5. Rice
Last but definitely not the least is rice — just a single serving can give you a high amount of carbs and calories.
It’s also good to know that rice is super easy to consume and digest.

But be careful though, some types of rice are high in arsenic; a chemical element that can cause metal toxicity.
And oh, once you prepare your rice, don’t forget to add some protein and healthy fats to the mix — you’ll be incredibly glad you did!

And that’s it! Five highly nutritious foods that can increase your chances of buffing up, gaining weight and looking great.
Now it’s up to you to make your pick and eat up!

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42 Responses

  1. We Are EviL says:

    Bloody worst😠😠😠

  2. FreshGlobe S says:

    I don’t even look like the before

  3. i eat alot, i workout extemoderately, but i see no results.

  4. Bush Slice says:

    I’m skinny and trying to gain weight, I have done lots of research and for 3 months been trying to gain weight so far, I have gained about 34 pounds by now and I have found most of the time when you think you are eating a lot you aren’t eating the right food. If you eat 400 pickles you will be full but they have 0 calories so you will gain nothing. I recommend for a week or so track all your calories so you can see how much you eat, you will probably be surprised how little it really is. I’m 6ft and I’m about 135 pounds, my daily goal is 3500 calories. With that I gain about 1-2 pounds a week.

  5. YUSUF YONKO says:

    i eat everyday rice and im not tall enough

  6. Sr i want to increase my height plz anyone guide me i am 21

  7. I was baby fat in elementary and thicc from it. I prayed to be thin and got what I wanted…..now I wanna be thicc with muscle

  8. Conn Benn says:

    If you want the honest truth, it’s not very healthy, but in the morning:

    Smoothie and eggs or weetabix
    Boiled Chicken and rice
    Protein shake
    Steak/fish and rice.
    Eat like 3000 calories of that and you’ll get huge in no time. But make sure you’re going to the gym atleast 3/4 times a week

  9. milk nr one, the person who made this video is a fucking idiot

  10. Kannan Kl says:

    2020…this year I'm going to ignore skiping meals and going to add more muscle .👽

  11. I consume 3/5 of these nd where has it got me?

  12. Luke Roe says:

    I’m 6 foot and weigh 154 pounds. I have lean and defined physique but I feel so small for my height. I was 145lbs last October so I’ve gained 9 pounds since then. I aim to get to between 175 to 180 pounds with about 15% body fat. Wish me luck ☺️

  13. cbm Akashyy says:

    I eat and drink all of these before I saw this vid but I’m still skinny and weak 😭😭

  14. no one cares if im a skinny alteast im alive bleeeee 😂😂😂🤗 i can breath go wherever i want

  15. Lee says:

    Been eating all of these my whole life yet I never gain any muscle much less any weight

  16. Slim Leno9 says:

    Thanks for the video it showed me. am doing the right choice, everyday i take milk, eat rice potatoes, nuts, butter, Peanut

  17. Red meats Meens what bro I think it's beef right ah 🙄

  18. Conor Gilles says:

    "Milk has been here for decades."

    Uh, I think it may have been around for a little longer than that.

  19. I’m really thin naturally but my dream body needs more muscle, so that’s why I’m here. I’m 12 btw. Any tips? I’m 75 lbs. if you know any muscle building exercises I could use that would be great

  20. Wizzy Pablo says:

    My age is 25
    Weight 55
    Beginner to gym
    Every day I sleep at 5 am woke up 2pm
    2 meal per day Meal timing 2pm white rice with chicken, mutton, or fish
    2nd meal same as first meal at 11pm
    And 6 egg per day before gym 3 and after gym 3 and after gym protein
    At night after meal 1 sweet potato
    Any solution for me

  21. SCARECROW27r says:

    I like it but im picky with it

  22. SCARECROW27r says:

    Im picky when it comes to meat

  23. A simplest way to lose weight in a short time is to take a loan from bank

  24. Get information from real experts not online dorks

  25. YouTube : #7upgodgaming
    I Am also a Small PUBG YouTuber…. 😔😔😔
    I Wish that I will also succeed One Day !

  26. Does it matter what kind of rice? I've heard brown rice is the best

  27. Noah I. says:


  28. Kindy says:

    anyone have any extra tips on gaining weight for me

  29. tim kat says:


  30. I am 19 & my w8 is only 54 😩😩 anyone plz suggest me something…

  31. Rdrummer 2 says:

    I'm so mad I can't eat nuts because of my braces

  32. I drink milk everyday after a workout and my six pack is showing

  33. Roseey MSP says:

    Eating rice too much can sometimes cause diabetes. And there is no cure for diabetes..

  34. John Rambo says:

    I eat a lot of pussy, is this good?

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