This workout is for you if you are wondering how to get 11 line abs! 11 line abs refers to when your oblique muscles are poppin and you have two lines going down your belly. This workout will help you get a flat stomach, a v cut, and some oblique definition! woohooo!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Vicky Justiz strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. Vicky Justiz is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that she has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition. Some titles and descriptions may include certain SEO keywords that may be perceived as misleading or may be perceived as a guaranteed result. Results vary from person to person and a video title / description should not be taken as an absolute truth.

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50 Responses

  1. Vicky Justiz says:

    Hi babes!! HERE is a very requested video haha I didn't even know what "11 line abs" were until someone asked me!!! Well I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you think ❤️ dont forget to follow on the INSTAAA : https://www.instagram.com/vickyjustiz/ & https://www.instagram.com/vickyjustizfitness and my workout gear is from https://womens.best/Vickyjustiz 😘

  2. Watching this but not doing it

  3. I cant afford socks, Vicky.

  4. Amna Tariq says:

    I Exercise Belly But Why Is My Mouth Fat Reduced?

  5. Lol I am mopping my floors to do this workout

  6. So, obviously if I'll just starting this grout of oblique exercises, I would modify it to less reps and work to your level. Instagram @lulamaeprincess

  7. RaiNBoW says:

    The first three are so ridiculous

  8. I never thought socks could make a workout so much harder than they are . It's amazing. Its my first time on your channel bt i think I know to subscribe already. Thanks a billion 💕💕

  9. That Girl says:

    Girl how u doing those v shapes…it kills me

  10. New subbie and I’m totally obsessed with your energy and channel!

  11. qiqiee says:

    How many times would you do this exercise a week

  12. des’tani L says:

    Hi. i’m 11 and i weigh 147 pounds.
    Here’s my journey so far.
    day 1: actually kind of hard, but your motivation pushed me through it. i feel a bit better
    day 2: i got through everything, i feel more energized

  13. My favorite thing about you and your videos is that you! are! so real! You show where you get tired and where you need a break, it makes me feel like I can relate to you!! ps. love you!! 💓💓

  14. Aly Giudice says:

    I think I just died😂😂😂

  15. Ruby G says:

    1:24 who dat in the hallway?

  16. Gorl. I’m dreading doing this workout. Might cry. Update you once I’m done 🥺

    OH LORDY. IM HUFFIN AND PUFFIN. The sliding ones, hated. THE V ONES… GOSHHH THOSE REALLY DO YOU NASTY! Already feel the soreness coming through. I’m going to be on the verge of death on the last circuit.

    Morning update…. I can’t get out of bed. It hurts SOOOOO MUCH. I can barely even roll out.

  17. LMFAO WE SAW YOUR BOYFRIEND RUN IN THE BACK😂😂he was like “u can’t see me “

  18. Noah says:

    Me at 1:25 going into the kitchen at 3 in the morning to eat shredded cheese

  19. em næsheim says:

    are we supposed to rest between the exercises?

  20. 1:25 casually sees her boyfriend sneak by

  21. Robin Nguyen says:

    7:20 and fif… TEEEEEN lmaoooo it killed me you're the realest

  22. If you go slower on the bicycles, you don't have to do as many and you can feel it way more in those obliques!!!

  23. E says:

    What about a workout for the oblique abdominals but for gym workouts or ones with resistance and weights added? Wouldn't mind seeing that!

  24. Alicia Yoder says:

    You're the best!!! Thanks for the awesome work out and inspiration 😘

  25. ive have a really hard time bringing out my lower abs for some reason and im trying hard to build them up but for some reason only my upper abs get shaped…any advice?

  26. raima ashkar says:

    does this also help with making your waist smaller??

  27. I’d totally be motivated to do this everyday if only I was, you know, NOT chunky enough already, to the point where even a plank is a struggle after 3 seconds 🙄😪 if I was maybe like 130lbs I’d totally feel like my body’s worth saving but not at 160lbs it’s not 😂👍🏽

  28. Thank you for making this workout realistic!!!! With all the breaks and letting us know it is hard work.

  29. Thank you so much miss Vicky justiz.. You are so sexy and gorgeous!!!!

  30. Will add some of your workout cause i already started working out and i see my belly getting flat.anyone who wants to see my results there are there in my channel good luck to you all

  31. Lo B says:

    I was so naturally built just like you in my 20's and early 30's, back then I could eat whatever I wanted because I was very active, from swimming all year long to skiing. Let me tell you ladies, when you get in your late 30's to early 40's the struggle to stay in shape is harder, way harder! You start to lose muscle mass and gain weight easily. I'm trying my hardest to stay in shape, and it's hard not to want to eat tons of carbs ugh… but she has excellent workout videos, I just wish my butt looked like hers, like you could bounce off a quarter. You go girlll!!!

  32. Kim S says:

    The pink looks pretty on you.

  33. Nene says:

    What if you do this in a place with rubery floors?

  34. Love the honesty in this video🤣🔥 I will be incorporating these into my daily routine.

  35. Sadie Delcid says:

    Can you do a video about what you eat in a day plz

  36. You went shorter with your hair! I love it!

  37. Ms M says:

    Can you also tell us how you're suppose to breath and engage your core as you do these exercises? Because my main issue is not breathing well when I do ab exercises.

  38. Miriam Cruz says:

    Hi I will like to see stand up abdomen, do you do that. Thanks!💪😋

  39. wait I did this whole workout and didn’t feel anything. What the hell did I do wrong

  40. Daniel James says:

    Hey Vicky how you doing i like your video and you look pretty in all pink

  41. Eve Dropka says:

    Why are there no heavier ladies showing these kind of things?

  42. Daniel James says:

    She is sexy and got a nice body shape

  43. Look at that rock on your finger!!!! Congrats!

  44. Manasa Manu says:

    i got those lines on my sides already and more deeper without any exercise…

    but the thing is ~those lie horizontally on my sides😂

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