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50 Responses

  1. The81mustang says:

    Mike how can I get on a workout program? I'm a beginner that's trying to make gains.

  2. P D G A F says:

    Mike such a damn beast. Notice @2:41 – @2:58 how he counted 8 of her goblet squats without even looking at her.


  3. They do have a instercooler we use it in gastro cooking

  4. Yvette Love says:

    She a fighter!! Love her ♥️

  5. Loreal C says:

    I really appreciate the challenging workouts Mike does. I have already noticed extreme difference with my body only training for two months!!! Thank you Mike, I pray to train with you one day!!💪🏾

  6. Rahul C says:

    Looks like an early recording when the series started, posted now.

  7. Thairy Mac says:

    Any tips on how not to activate traps during a shoulder workout?

  8. VEGETA 24 says:

    Nice workout bro 💪💪💪💪

  9. Darren Quin says:

    Love you mike its inspirational seeing that lass blitz them shoulders they are better than mine and she's stronger than me the show off.I'm trying these moves out so thanks guys I'll conquer these motherfuckers xxxxxx

  10. cbyasnccu says:

    I just like fact that she doesn't complain…

    She bad too…

  11. Sean Jenkins says:

    She barely broke a sweat 😂

  12. I love the tenacity that she brings! Mike pushes her and she meets the challenge with effort!

  13. S3NERGY X says:

    Mike she needs to work on lower back she will be pushing like an extra 20 kg in a week, great workout

  14. Mark Council says:

    Gotta go hard everyday, I’m learning this 🙏🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  15. Jonah ware says:

    Mike you a goon! 😏

  16. This girl is going to be a beast if she continues adding muscle. Good job Mike and kudos to her for her hard work

  17. MySpeedmetal says:

    I'd never date a girl who goes to the gym but never trains upper body and spends 80% of their 30min workout in the treadmill

    That only tells me U WEAK

  18. C Lilly says:

    Hey big shout out to you Mike R you doing your thing Big question tho? can you tell me what to do first as a beginner I know your advance but should I start out with cardio or strength training first I used to work out often but I stopped for 6 months so what should I do first throw a beginners workout out their some of us are just starting again or for the first time.

  19. Yeah Mike doesn’t play around

  20. TAMNA says:

    "while you're resting do your squats" no pain no gain

  21. Space Beast says:

    Use that anger. That’s what I did. I lost 65 pounds in 2 years. I’m very happy now. Cloths fit and now ladies love space beast. 👍

  22. Haha the part where he's like what if you gotta grab somebody by the neck

  23. lol slick mike takin her home for a little extra workout

  24. siccs7 says:

    "I'm gonna take you, we gonna goto my place, I got something that you're gonna love….we're back at mi casa, I told you I was going to feed you"…Mike think he slick with the word play.

  25. Julian Marth says:

    Whens the porno come out?😂

  26. Yooo that's what I out in my protein shake, peanut butter and banana but never could find that flavor anywhere, until now💪

  27. @17:09 – ❤
    @20:16 – 🍽
    @22:22 – 😎
    @22:33 – ⏳🎶 🎵🎺 🎵🎶

  28. Mike when you coming to New York?

  29. Allegra is bad: dark hair pale skin..lean body, still have a shape…pretty face too!

  30. Bari Mmbg says:

    I’m go take you to my place, and you can get this Protein 😂😂😂😂

  31. SuperHkang says:

    she doesnt have fun with it? she basically a party girl, getting drunk, getting high which is fine; nothing wrong with that.
    i work all day and i look forward to going to the gym in the evening or going for a high intensity run. why? cause it's fucking fun. i exercise not to really remain fit, i just do it cause it feels fucking fun.

  32. Aion Clarke says:

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 she fire!! Great workout Mike thanks for the video.

  33. She's a booty builder/cardio girl, this is going to hammer her 😑

  34. R T says:

    Would that bar be 45lbs?

  35. Thank for the explanation during the workouts Mike. I'm new to your channel. Thanks again.

  36. KING CROOM says:

    Quality training information at all times! Been following since the over training videos!! 💯💪🏾

  37. Why is she so dang fine😀

  38. chris ramus says:

    Peep the dude at 15:12 in green jus came to talk 😔😔😔😣😣😣😣

  39. BECOMING WR says:

    0:47 why'd ya gotta blur her ass out on the left dayum boss. not cool.

  40. J says:

    How much cardio should I do if I want build muscle but loose fat?

  41. SuperHkang says:

    take the hat of bitch; it keeps the heat in your head as u train. fuck fashion when u train

  42. SuperHkang says:

    hes pushing her too hard; thats unnecessary

  43. Da Swooviest says:

    Oh shit! Usually when Mike bring a chick to the crib and cook. It's just a matter of time….

  44. Is it her diet something is wrong she need some aminos energy or something

  45. Chat B says:

    How long has she been working out,?

  46. My guy Mike has the professional edits lol! Good stuff my g!!!

  47. Md Syahfie says:

    I like her. Keep going beauty

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