10 Minute Leg Workout | No Equipment Home Workout

Feel the burn with this 10 minute leg workout at home, with no equipment needed this 10 minute leg workout with Daniel Ventura will burn those calories and leave your legs burning!

Try this workout at home, to give your quads, hamstrings, and glutes a 10 minute blast to start your day.

Follow along the 10 exercises each with 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest.

Full at home workout includes:

1. Barre squats 5 pulses
2. Slow eccentric squats
3. Squat to jumping jack
4. 4 second isometric squat
5. Slow concentric squat
6. Borrower squats
7. 4 sec isometric squat jumps
8. Jumping jacks
9. Squat step outs
10. Squat jumps


Dan Ventura:


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38 Responses

  1. 1711_TEMP says:

    Links to free sign up doesn't work…

  2. its great but one question, how many rounds?

  3. Gresee4Life says:

    This only works if you know how to properly do a squat😅😅

  4. Abs without equipment give us a video and can you give me a programm i mean legs day 1 per week or 2 or everyday?

  5. I did this exercise with 30 minutes🥺.

  6. Was incredible, make me sweet a lot , thank you Peace everybody

  7. Great short workout bro ! My legs hurts like hell !! 😂💪🏻

  8. h7p3 b34st says:

    does this build muscle

  9. Asui Tsuyu says:

    Me, a 12 year old girl doing this shit at 3:52 AM: oh yeah i feel the burn brO-

  10. Dankmemes19 says:

    My legs feel like jello

  11. nice deal says:

    I died in the third minute. But I did it. It's awesome.
    I have one question. Is this workout suitable for mass gain? It’s clear that the matter is nutrition, but the type of training is just as important.

  12. 10 mins exercise for legs would rescue me cause i don't have time for workout. I used to workout 1-1,5hrs/day, 4-5 days/week to build mass and I managed to have a great body. But,I wonder if I can build mass (I don t mind if it s gonna take me longer) with this workout. Maybe it is for those who want to burn fat and not for the pumping? Still, I ll try it for sure

  13. Aaron Stubbs says:

    Nice variations, using slow eccentric & slow concentric, and different angles of squats, really covering all the muscle fibres in the legs. Most rounded home leg workout you’ll get is this. I will add in some lunges at the end too, once I’ve rested a bit lol.

  14. Just what I needed. Literally loved it❤️

  15. Hak ManHD says:

    what body fat do you have to be to show your abs?

  16. Yo mate love from Albania ❤️!
    Im a 13 year old and I just started working out at home cause I have no gyms nearby…so this helped me out a lot , and that burn tho…I couldn’t stand up after this 😂👍🏼

  17. great! hopefully try these workout

  18. A Mop says:

    Great job bro very nice

  19. Osman Ü says:

    I made up for the leg day before I went to work.. thank you sir I subscribed !greetings from Turkey 🇹🇷

  20. JYODHISH says:

    It nearly killed my legs😅

  21. datfili says:

    I did this yesterday thinking this was uploaded a long time ago LOL and well, today I can barely walk tho but amazing workout!

  22. KDG says:

    this absolutely killed me in the best way possible and i love it 🤩

  23. Pranav Singh says:

    You shared a great workout Daniel, reduced time and increased efficiency of leg workout.
    Can you share the same home workout for chest?
    Thank you!

  24. Great workout
    direct go to the point
    From pakistan ❤

  25. Noel Mj says:

    You are a good coach bro I have done this for 1 st day how much days will need to take visible progress

  26. Lalit Naidu says:

    What exactly does this help with? Is it just your legs or does it help the whole body? Could you show us a simple short workout session which work out the entire body. Thanks and nice video.

  27. Alisa Perez says:

    Dang this looks insane

  28. Kod ? says:

    One of the best workouts I’ve ever done🥵

  29. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank u very much!!!

  30. Amanda Ray says:

    Sooo I barely got through this workout! I had to slow down the reps and took a some breaks but I made it through. I will try to do it a few times a week. Great workout!

  31. edgar garcia says:

    Thanks for the video very cool.
    I couldn’t make it to the Gym today so I did leg day with this 🔥

  32. I tried this but made the mistake of not stretching before this leg workout? Do you know any kind of stretches to avoid muscle soreness of the thighs?

  33. Nadensoho says:

    im a 16y old kid and this is what i need. thankyou! 💣

  34. You posted this on my leg day tysm❤

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