Chest Workout | Complete Gym Chest Day Routine

Hi everyone!

Three videos in one week.. WHO.AM.I.
Haha, but seriously, I told you once I found some time and my busy schedule simmered itself on down I would upload more. Hopefully I can keep this upload consistency going!

Now on to the workout!
This is one of my favorite chest workouts and has been a pretty consistent routine for me lately when it comes to workin the chest. I set a new goal this year to step up my chest game and get stronger. Slowly but surely I am getting there!

The famous question –
” Will chest workouts make my boobs bigger?”
… well clearly not LOL

Your boobs are made up of mainly fatty tissue and the only way you can get your actually breast bigger is by gaining fat and then praying to the Gods that they place it in your chest since we cannot spot reduce nor spot place fat on our bodies. Now… you can build your pec muscles underneath which I have personally found give your chest a naturally more fuller and tighter appearance when you have smaller breast but again, it ain’t no boob job LOL

I train chest because I believe in a balanced physique when it comes to training. I also love to feel strong and challenge myself. Training doesn’t always have to be for aesthetic reasons ladies! Sometimes it’s nice to just feel like a bad bihh..such as pushing heavy weight off your chest or lifting more weight than the dude next to you!

Give this workout a try and lemme know whatcha think!
xx Hunter

Outfit Deets:
Sports bra and leggings – RyderWear
Shoes – Adidas Ultraboost



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INSTAGRAM – @HunterrChiltonn


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1. Dumbbell Chest Press

2. Incline Chest Press

3. Seated Chest Fly
4 sets X 12 reps

4. Pushups SS Plate press
3 sets X 10 reps ea.

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29 Responses

  1. I’m curious to what the benefits are for women and what muscle gets targeted by doing dumbbell presses without the bench being at an incline?

  2. Pem Bie says:

    Can you do a quad focused video. I know you posted one but there was a lot of leg presses. One that incorporates leg extensions. Every you tuber is all about the hams and glutes lately 😏

  3. I came across your channel 2 weeks ago, and since then I've been following your workouts religiously! yours is the BEST fitness channel I've seen, and you actually get your viewers excited about the workout and challenge. I specially love the little tips you throw in – today I was loudly chanting 'hug the tree, hug the tree' as I did chest flies, and it was perfect 😂 Thanks again for these wonderfully informative videos!

  4. B Wright says:

    Trying this tomorrow, thanks for sharing!💪🏾❤️

  5. 👏🏼👊🏼👍🏼 Always killllinnn itttt!!!

  6. Julissa B. says:

    I’m a new subscriber, and I’m really liking your content so far. You deserve more likes. Keep doing what you’re doing girl. I strive to have a body like yours one day. (:

  7. Dee H says:

    Thank you for this. I agree on training shouldn’t be for aesthetic reasons but instead it should be for challenging yourself and feeling good about yourself! You’re the best Hunter! 💪🏻❤️🏋️‍♀️

  8. MOM OF 4 says:

    I like to follow your routines when I get in the gym it's like have a free training and each day is different thanks for the videos

  9. Angie AJ says:

    Is this workout the same as upper body workout ???

  10. Thank you for these videos! You get right to the point.

  11. You are so strong 💪 wow 😮 thank you for the workouts love the format of your videos .

  12. Yami Saray says:

    I’ve being looking for a great chest workout !! Thank you!! You give me motivation to not feel intimidated by the guys at the gym but it’s hard. Do you have tips on how not to feel intimidated ?

  13. KxNPL says:

    Aye great workout and great video!

  14. I love this workout 💪 ..I'd love to see a hair care video..your hair looks so strong and beautiful 😙

  15. I love how challenging your workouts are, like I've seen the most progress with my body by doing your exact reps+sets!!! Love it!!! ❤👍👏

  16. Jeff Kha says:

    A girl that actually does push ups right :0

  17. Skyler Rose says:

    what camera does she use?

  18. Love this! Especially now that I switched my routine from 2 days of upper body to 3. I have a suggestion that I hope you consider, its side butt! A good side butt routine will do me good! Thanks 😁👍

  19. I don't really ever workout my chest anymore but this workout looks awesome. I will give it a try 🙂

  20. Keep the videos coming !!! Thanks for sharing 😊

  21. I know that you get comments like this often but I just want to say that your channel is incredible. So many other fitness girls on YouTube just try and sell you gymshark clothes and talk about nonsense while only showing a super short clip of them working out without much detail. You are the real deal, so passionate and knowledgeable about fitness. I’ve learned so much about lifting and bodybuilding from you whereas before I was so clueless. I love how you actually take the time to respond to comments, it really shows how dedicated you are to helping girls achieve their fitness goals. I hope when you amass a larger following you’ll still be able to remain as down to earth and helpful as you are now. So glad I found your channel love, keep up the amazing work!! Girl power 💪

  22. Shayy Butter says:

    great video once again! I think its awesome that your boyfriend can help spot you! I also love this colour/outfit on you 🙂

  23. cloud flores says:

    Awesome chest workout! 👌

  24. You're spoiling us with all the videos, Hunter! Love it!

  25. Morin Macias says:

    please please those legging brand!! look pretty good supporting more stomach area

  26. Love that incline chest press machine! It’s so smooth and makes it easier to have mind/muscle connection! Keep up the videos, I’ve been rotating these into my routine!

  27. Global Man says:

    Awesome workout Hunter…your Killen it! Great Job!

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