Hi guys! Here’s a video with tricks for how you can do you glute / butt workouts in a new and different way. We are going to use gym machines which are purposed for other muscle groups than the booty, and then use it to actually train the booty. I think its a good way if you want to try something new and get some new exercises to your glutes / booty workouts. I’m not saying your regular exercises squats and hip-thrusters are bad, not at all, but sometimes you can just get some new motivation and energy by trying out new stuff.
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48 Responses

  1. Also girls in here , any one close to me ? California who will like to be my gym bud ! Can't found no one who likes to train hard like me but I do need someone who would like to work out Toguether pushing each other's
    Most of the times i need someone to push me up you know , on squats etc .
    If I could train with you Hanna will be awesome but I know it's almost impossible , might be asking too much 😑😞🤗😃

  2. Omgg omggg thanx! I would never think of that abductor one, but gonna give it a try! Awesome

  3. 2:25 damn sis you’re strong 👏🏽

  4. Thanks for the video girl !! Cant wait to try it out tomorrow!! Cant wait to check out the rest of your videos, and hopefully find more videos like this one !!!! And MY GOD …………….. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. at the intro, what's the song called?

  6. is it safe to do these everyday ?

  7. That’s helped a lot. I was so confused coz in my gym we don’t have much booty machines. Thanx

  8. This good 1 😍😍😍😍

  9. Itson Mackie says:

    some gym's frown on equipment being used in ways other than what it was designed for, which really sucks because there is a multitude of tweaks, including the ones just mentioned in this video

  10. Yup. I’ve been doing it all. The leg kicks I don’t have at my gym

  11. Sophie You’re My Hero

  12. Pearl Nicoll says:

    Is it 15000 a day or week? I’m new at this

  13. ken hz says:

    Is this good for a beginner?! Like I have never used a machine? Also, if so, how many pounds should I start with? And when do I move up?

  14. Hi Hanna! How old, how tall and how much do you weight?

  15. Blk Queen says:

    Thanks Hanna I love you…

  16. Nice addidas
    She's creative in the gym

  17. Paul Würdig says:

    Very Cool Workout, Thank you for your Ideas💪😎

  18. Amy Thompson says:

    What gym should I go to to start working out. I’ve been trying to find a good one and your the realest fitness YouTube rn. What do you suggest. Please reply. I’m really trying to be fit. I just can’t find a good gym.

  19. Kimberly says:

    This is the best video. Thank you!

  20. im scared that as soon as I stop working out, ima go back to lookin like a #2 pencil.

  21. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone 🙂

    #legs day 🚀🐸🎆🎇

  22. Will the Man says:

    Not sure I fully understand it, but to the extent I do I wonder, why on Earth do a calorie challenge?

  23. Laura Prehn says:

    I'm scared to use the machines differently! I just always think someone will try to correct me

  24. plz tell me ur euipments name

  25. mrRosen1989 says:

    Hej vad fan är du svensk.

  26. Girl YOU ARE SO STRONG!! I'm so impressed!

  27. Salma sumsum says:

    I really want to try it but I am the only girl in the gym and I am afraid it will be a little bit embarrassing 😬😩

  28. I’m so exited to try these

  29. Very innovative ways to work the butt. Definitely saving. Thanks!! ♥️

  30. Vanessa Roos says:

    4:58 again the machine is not for that

  31. Vanessa Roos says:

    4:16? Why the machine is not Made for circuis act

  32. Vanessa Roos says:

    3:43 what is this? Nobody does this because iT doesnt make fking sense

  33. Vanessa Roos says:

    3:05 that doesnt make a difference stop showbink People those bullshit

  34. Leaning back on the abductor machine, disengages the glutes.

  35. Low key girl crushing. Am I the only one that thinks she's breath taking?

  36. When you're a ninja at the gym 💪🏾😊

  37. Han Luu says:

    Thank you for sharing the tips. You are very creative. I'll try them later today. PS: I LOVE food too.

  38. El 1996 says:

    This is exactly the video I was looking for.

    Thank you!

  39. Lil Chicken says:

    Swedish accents are hot actually. It reminds me of russian accent.

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