DAY IN THE LIFE | purple smoothie, pre/post workout meals, gym session

hey guysssss! in this video I am showing you a purple protein smoothie, bunch of diff healthy recipes, and a chilled spend a day with me! !


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15 Responses

  1. I made that exact smoothie after watching, it’s so nice! Think I need to get some frozen berries though as I used fresh, although it tasted nice it was an interesting shade of green 🤣

  2. how did you make the pita bread crispy?

  3. Angelina says:

    Have the best trip! <3 Lots of love and thanks for the video, really good tips. Hope your toe heals quickly! <3

  4. My toes feel so funny now after hearing that I’m terrified of stubbing my toe ever again😂😂😂😂 sounds awful but hope you have the best time on hollydays xo

  5. Brooke B says:

    Love watching you! All the way from Melbourne, AUS. You’re so down to earth and I love your on a budget meal plans xx

  6. Love how chill this was! ❤️ That star and heart shaped bowl are so cute! Lol, I’m obsessed with overnight oats too! Planning to film a similar video soon! ☺️

  7. Always sending love. Absolutely loved the vlog have a great time away 🤗

  8. Love to throw sum 🍌 Yogurt🍌 on that Face 😨 OMG 😬 🔥 Muahf 🔥 SMOKING🔥STUNNING🔥 HOT🔥 BEAUTIFUL🔥 GIRL🔥 🍻 Cheers 🍻 🤙 Fraulien 🤙 ✌️💓 Lovie💓 ✌️

  9. Melek Deniz says:

    My faveeeeee❤️😍

  10. Mase Santana says:

    Purple smoothie 😋😍
    Have a great time in South America!! 🙃😀

  11. Hab A says:

    Loving these videos 👌👌♥️

  12. This vlog is perfection Olivia😍. You nailed your workout and smoothie❤️✨xx!

  13. Hi I love this video good job your amazing

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