30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit Workout

Get ready to unleash your inner dance and fitness beast with Hip-Hop Fit creator Mike Peele! This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced. Just get ready to push your mind and body to the next level!

Find more from Mike Peele on:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1mikepeele
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikehiphopfit
Website: https://www.thepeeleeffect.com/hip-hop-fit

On Deja: good hYOUman top, Koral tights, Adidas jacket, & APL shoes
On Mike: Adidas shorts & shoes
On Day: Onzie tights

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49 Responses

  1. Loving all the body types and ethnicities in this dance workout ❤️😊 Keep the diversity coming PopSugar 💪🏼

  2. I love this man😁😁😁💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  3. Lady Supreme says:

    I love everybody in this video…and their different body types

  4. Lady Supreme says:

    This instructor is so damnit sexy….and dem moves…and his hips…umm…ummm.ummmm

  5. Lady Supreme says:

    White girl stole the show the whole time….🤣😂🤣she bad as ever

  6. Please, let him make more videos!!!

  7. 😍😍😍 Thank you!!!

  8. I know this is for adults but i am so overwieght and im only turning 11 but this is so calming and i love doing it with my familt thank u pop suger🙏

  9. Bootylicious says:

    Wow he is gorgeous! I'd feel so comfortable and not self conscious working out with him he gives you support and bigs you up.. brilliant xx

  10. I love everything about this routine! I'm not a dancer, but the instructor was so easy and fun to follow. It didn't feel like a workout at all, I enjoyed every second of it. Great way to burn 250 calories! Thank you Mike!!

  11. I don’t EVER comment on videos but I’m staying consistent with this video and walking. I am currently 390 & to say I’m not proud is an understatement. My goal for THIS MONTH is to get down to 300 and keep working from there. If you guys have any tips, tricks or advice I would gladly appreciate wish me luck on this weight loss journey!!!

  12. Jen Ye says:

    No I’m looking for like actually songs you dance to

  13. Classy Chic says:

    Love how this has way less jumping compared to some of the other dance workouts I’ve seen

  14. Mariam Emam says:


  15. I just found this right now after my workout… Damn !! Looks so fun… Will try this tmrw

  16. Jade LaBarge says:

    am I supposed to have a thin jacket or flannel around my waist

  17. Maï Ckery says:

    Mèsi , yon workout ki rive Sou mw😊🇭🇹m damou😂😂

  18. Love the dance. Pretty easy to learn. 😃

  19. RaisingHay says:

    such lovely encouragement <3

  20. Love the trainer, and love the body diversity. I am NOT a dancer and found this fun, challenging, but not too overwhelming. I didn't like the mix of some dance and then 1/3 calisthenics (which those workouts BORE me). Too much in one video. I prefer one or the other. I'll look for more videos with Mike though!

  21. Loved it! beautiful, fun choreography

  22. monique says:

    so, i first did this workout at the beginning of last december. i lost 30lbs since then and have another 30 to go until i'm comfortably settled in the healthy weight range for my height. just wanted to say that this video in particular has helped me stay on track – even though i'm now mostly doing different workouts to challenge myself, i always come back to this one when i can't be bothered to do anything else. even after 10+ times, i still enjoy following it and mike's energy always keeps me going! thank you so much for this

  23. Guys please follow me on Instagram dancer Chrismorling

  24. I rip my pants on the squats..Lol jk🤣

  25. Enzo seven says:

    This that beast mode type I like it although I couldn't do that body roll was Abit advanced for a player haha do more videos make us proud

  26. ❤️!!!!!need I say more!!!

  27. Thom Poz says:

    Can you do or is there a 60-min version?

  28. I'm actually seeing results after a week! Stomach muscles, body strength this is awesome!

  29. Amazing. Rapid results

  30. V L says:

    I have searched countless workout videos on YouTube and this is by far the most authentic and easiest one I've come across. I've already done my share of workout for the day but I can't wait to try this tomorrow. This is my go-to workout video forever (or at least until I reach my goal). It focuses on all of the body areas and I must mention that you can actually carry these dance moves in the club. I know I sure will take it there. Lol. Thanks for such a wonderful dance workout.

  31. Cindy Ff says:

    That was so cool😊 and the positive and nice word at the end thank you a lot

  32. anna_ krisk says:

    I love it💖

  33. witchgroup says:

    A nice, even if hard, introduction to hip hop fitness. Loved it ^^

  34. Beth Clark says:

    Loved this, made me enjoy exercise – which is hard to do !

  35. He was here in Columbus Ohio. I remember working out with him at Kenya Day studio Werk. He's the truth.

  36. Raj rokade says:

    Amazing dance workout sir 👏👏👏👌

  37. honestly the best pop sugar dance workout 🙂

  38. Val Rouge says:

    What are the names of the song tracks please?

  39. scarlett2909 says:

    I just found PopSugar Fitness and I cannot hold my excitement. I just started, this is my first week on my way to a fit life, 5 lbs down and at least 100 more to go, so thanks for these videos, I did one today and will be doing more every day <3 big thanks!!!

  40. Black Widow says:

    Today was my first time doing this. I had so mush fun. I'm dripping in sweat and I feel so great about it 🖤🕷

  41. Mark says:

    do we follow this as mirrored or go same direction???

  42. This was the most fun ever

  43. iris kahunde says:

    Cant wait to try this at home

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