Top Exercise to Broaden Shoulders for Women : Strength & Fitness Tips

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If you’re a woman who is trying to broaden your shoulders, you’re going to have to work on the three shoulder muscles individually. Learn about a top exercise to broaden shoulders for women with help from a longtime personal fitness trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Stephany Acosta
Filmmaker: Shane Reitzammer

Series Description: Fitness tips for you require you to place an emphasis on your own personal goals and your body. Get fitness tips for you with an exercise ball with help from a longtime personal fitness trainer in this free video series.

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24 Responses

  1. She has more broad shoulders than my dad

  2. dr dii ahmed says:

    stop stop ✋ i hate wider shoulder

  3. alioxinfree says:

    Of these 3 exercises, 2 should NOT be done, they’re a shoulder injury timebomb. Only do the overhead raise. For a front raise lay on the floor or a bench and bend elbows. For rear delt, pull back with BENT elbow while rotating the fist 180 and do it with a barbell not a cable machine. Pulling out to the sides is half the true pathway of the movement (no effect) and holding the forearm out at that angle causes rotator cuff impingement (byebye shoulder joint) not effective load on the rear delt.

  4. saša says:

    She is so beautiful <3<3<3

  5. What was bulging out you back?

  6. Why? Why? What woman wants this look?

  7. I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal page. I just love it !

  8. Little did she know I'm trans lives in north africa I cannot go to thr gym or i get RAPED.

  9. Ms Acosta #sexy. yeah let's work out..

  10. MakeWayForCJ says:

    Although there are probably many women who have small bone structures and want broader shoulders, I'm thinking that there are just as many of us women out here who are looking for ways to tone their arms WITHOUT broadening their shoulders….In other words tone their arms (triceps, biceps) without building up their deltoids and traps. I for one am sick of people spending more time telling me about how broad shoulders give the body an hourglass appearance and how I should feel "lucky". It means nothing if I feel like a linebacker.  I recognize that one can't change their actual bone structure but there's no videos on avoiding shoulder broadening so it would be great if one were made on exercises would keep us from making it worse.

  11. Sunshine says:

    thaaank you! I am pear shaped as many women are, but i am so unhappy because it keeps me from looking fit and sporty. thats the video i was looking for!

  12. Ashforthway says:

    i'm here because i want the hourglass figure and that means i need my shoulders to be wider. so my waist will look smaller

  13. Lisa Rubio says:

    I think your arms and shoulders are gorgeous! You are gorgeous. I wish you would slow down a bit. What I want is square shoulders. That's what I want explained.

  14. I'm only watching this so that I know how not to broaden my shoulders any more. My shoulders are already really wide and I feel like I can't wear any clothes with straps or any clothes made for girls except for shirts or jumpers

  15. Toby Wigley says:

    just use Unflexal instructions :)))

  16. Isha Grover says:

    I'm really broad … !! :p still watching this bcz to maintain it not reduce it !

  17. wait…women actually try to broaden their shoulders? I want to make mine less broad, I feel like a football player

  18. Miranda T says:

    What size are the dumbbells?

  19. Ely G says:

    If i work on the three shoulder muscles, mine would be like yours right? But i don't want to look like masculine, i just want my shoulders to be broad and slim like men's normal shoulders. Please help 🙁

  20. bench press targets the front delt no need to do isolation for front delts

  21. How to return back tight shoulders after that? 😢 I accidentally use a gym equipment that would widen shoulders which stressin' me out today. How will I lose wide shoulders? Pls help me. Thank you

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