7 Minute BOOTY BURN Workout for Women


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Today, it’s time to get that booty burning, with this short, but intense booty work out at home.

Every single exercise in this workout is what I use to help tone your booty and you will definitely feel it! I am going to be targetting all the muscles, using some unique moves.

Enjoy and make sure to comment after!

Hourglass Workout: https://youtu.be/J2lvJVIaiHs
Toned Arms: https://youtu.be/gg3MteoSrNo
10 Minute HIIT: https://youtu.be/mOj57z-IyC4

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25 Responses

  1. Steffi says:

    My knees are so hurting

  2. Kyriakh1 says:

    +1 if you are 16 and under

  3. lyn says:

    just did it and i really love it!!

  4. Show some workouts which can be done during periods

  5. Melanie Vega says:

    First time doing this work out tonight, i did not feel any booty burning or abs burning. Ive done other videos where my booty is being targeted but this one just did not work out for me! – no hate just my own opinion.

  6. Can confirm this works the booty, my right butt cheek hurts from one of yesterday's workouts I did, I could feel it ALL throughout this workout!
    Still sitting on the floor 5mins after being done cos during those donkey pulses my butt was on FIRE lol

  7. Thank you for your videos, they are really useful especially right now that we have to stay at home and everything is closed in Italy, you are motivating me to keep moving everyday ❤️

  8. Josh Kimble says:

    Request: Holly you have amazing 6 pack abs. Good work. Today in new video please show how to do crunches without hurting neck. Thanks.

  9. Josh Kimble says:

    Request: Holly today in your new video please show how to do crunches without hurting neck.

  10. I have a similar video up. Check it out?🥰

  11. Yvonne Muli says:

    Hi,can you please do a workout to grow the booty

  12. Excelente Holly como todas tus rutinas,,,👍😉💯

  13. What is a good work out butt holes

  14. Where is the Pink dragon app???

  15. hi holly! loving what you do 💜 just wanted to ask if you could do some possible muscle/weight gain exercises or even some for making sure your rib cage isn’t showing 24/7 like mine is lol! once again a love all you do😊xx

  16. J h says:

    I really like these moves!

  17. These are such good workout ideas!!! Trying this tomorrow for sure, thank you love! I'm a small fitness youtuber too if you ever have the time to check out a workout vid 😘

  18. Only recently started doing these and i love them. thank you holly! 💕

  19. Finally she got mat yoga hhah

  20. Ah i need to start it.

  21. Marlene MD says:

    I love the top you are wearing. Please tell us the brand.

  22. Day one: feels good, feel both my abs and booty burning

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