7-Minute Core & Low Back Strengthening Workout to Get Rid of Back Pain

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Your core is your powerhouse! And no, it’s not just your abs – your low back is part of your core too! Use these core exercises to strengthen your core, improve posture and reduce injury and low back pain! You can do them anytime, anywhere – without a gym or any equipment. Do these exercises 2-3x per week to significantly improve core strength!

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50 Responses

  1. Magda Madsen says:

    Excellent stuff! Just did this twice. Got a nice sweat going for my main workout. Thank you for this!

  2. I haven’t worked out in probably 14 years. And started two days ago because I’ve been having to go to the chiropractor every week. This gave me so much energy and made me feel so good. Thank you !

  3. Fluffy says:

    Excellent. Thank you. Why do doctors say no moving if your back hurts?

  4. George James says:

    GEEEZ! I did this for three minutes and I felt massive relieve on my back, thank you.

  5. Wonderful short & simple core & back strengthening workout! I love this – thank you it’s really helping me!💓

  6. Arun K says:

    Nice work out vedio for back pain. Thanks a lot

  7. Joshua Smith says:

    Pretty good workout thinking about adding this after my workouts

  8. labici says:

    Nice doable strength exercise; appreciate not having to buy special equipment!

  9. Great for arthritis in the spine.

  10. Really helping with my running, getting core exercises in. Thank you.

  11. Jacob James says:

    I like the beatle exercise. I'll start using it as a modifier. Thanks.

  12. Kaylie Kero says:

    I love this workout so much! It seemed so easy and not time consuming yet i could tell how much it benefits my core. It was an amazing experience!!

  13. gira vyas says:

    I like u say good job. It really motivates.

  14. N H says:

    Love your workout, really improved my lower back. Thanks

  15. Too beautiful girl , love the way you dictate while performing exercise !!!

  16. Second excercise is really tough. You did it with extreme ease

  17. The most basic workout ever which is actually a 3 minute done twice.

  18. I started it today, hoping it will really help with my piriformis syndrome. Thanks so much

  19. She's hot 😍 but my back does hurt tho

  20. CynArtz says:

    This workout didn't make me feel sore, but my body temp got really hot. Looooolololol. 🎃

  21. mike berry says:

    Besides every day how often each day do u recommend doing this

  22. Davvero brava e ottimi esercizi

  23. Belia Krouse says:

    You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal Workouts . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

  24. Paiton Bunce says:

    I'm glad I found you I need to get my handstand and this is helping. But can you do a handstand video?

  25. I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal Workouts website :)))

  26. Lori Brooks says:

    Thank you! This is super simple yet effective 👌

  27. Thanks so much for putting this program together, but a couple of suggestions to improve it if you are open to reading them. The sets are too short and the changes between sets are too fast for people trying to recover from back issues, I want to work out with you, not watch you fly through the program! The exercise order could be adjusted. For example, do all the exercises that require lying on the back in one set! I'm certain your next video will be even better. 🙂

  28. Karen Gray says:

    Could you please do a video for this same topic, but not using your wrists, as I have arthritis and can put pressure on my wrists. Thanks. If you do video, could you notify me.

  29. You are magnificent. Thank You!

  30. Lisa Allen says:

    Oh dear. This is horrible for people who have existing back pain. Please explain to people how to set their core. Also, the crunch, beetle and your knee to chest especially with the twist would all open up the vertebrae and push any bulging disc the wrong way and help them bulge even more creating more pain. Please at least tell people if they have bulging discs this isn’t the workout for them.

  31. Great video. Like to see more of your videos

  32. Ginger Devil says:

    table top cruches – infact any cruches cause SEVERE PAIN as does the superman. How in the hell do you strenghten your core with herniated discs. So frustrating! This MADE THE PAIN WORSE!

  33. I really hope this helps to strengthen my back

  34. Jo R says:

    The superman one really aggravates my back so what else could I do instead?

  35. Thank you !, My right leg was very badly injured 6 years ago… I was very very athletic for years…. I thank God I found your video…. super great! Very hard but I’m on my thick pink mate and struggled but dud them all!!
    I fell better already! I plan to follow you DAILY! ❤️ Any other exercises you can suggest I greatly appreciate!

  36. Ellie Marie says:

    20 year old here. Totally wrecked after this. So sad I know

  37. Like YOGA For A BAD BACK 👍👍👍☺️☺️

  38. Thank you …I did these for years but forgot them till I saw your video…. you’re a LIFE SAVER!!!💜❤️🙏

  39. perfect core workout as I have a lower back injury! Thanks so much!!!

  40. Markus Lucas says:

    Love this back pain guideline, "Bαkοnοz Kοnο" (Google it)! Out of curiosity, I attempted this plan and discovered that it worked on treating my lower back pain. I actually advised this informative guide to my mom and dad because of the great results I discovered. I had been told that they cannot imagine how good was it. It can resolve your back discomfort quite effectively. .

  41. Should u try to do as many of each excersise or go slow

  42. Aisha Acar says:

    I try to do this everyday, thank you.

  43. I only made it two minutes in, she was flirting with me not actually showing exercises.. This is why i dont work out i'm a married man.

  44. thanks. I have some wear and tear in my l5 and get lower back pain on the right. More core exercies and help on this would be amazing thanks so much

  45. Ruth Nodel says:

    Thank you.
    That was so easy and quick and my low back feels better.
    Some of this I do already, but I needed the extra for strengthening my core. Thanks for your encouragement

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