BEGINNER'S GUIDE: Lower Body Workout & How To Stay Motivated

Lower Body Workout for Beginners! Glutes, Quads & Hamstrings!

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LOWER BODY workout:
Warmup: 10min crosstrainer (circulation in whole body)
1. Legpress 4set x 10reps
2. Alternating DB lunges 3set x 10reps /leg
3. Lying leg curl 3set x 10-12reps
4. DB Hip thrusts 4set x 12-15reps
5. Abduction machine 4set x 10reps seated up & 10reps leaning forward.
Alternative – Abductor miniband 3set 4set x 10reps leaning back, 10reps seated up, 10reps leaning forward (1set

The perfect workout for you who is new to the gym or doesn’t know what exercises you should do. Or simply if you have been feeling off and need to get back on track. This is a good start to build your foundation on. This exercise contains 5 basic lower body exercises, for quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

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41 Responses

  1. Ta Ra says:

    What sneakers are you wearing! I see that they are adidas but what is the style name? I love them!

  2. Caitlin R says:

    i’m in high school and i get very nervous seeing people that go to my school there and it makes me not want to do workouts 😰😰 please help!

  3. I love your accent😍

  4. B E L L A says:

    where are your leggings from?

  5. "I recommend using this diet plan if you want to get slim: it works great in 2020 for me"

  6. Hey, howya doing! What do you mean by don't lock out your knees?

  7. Elyza Guzman says:

    How should you choose which weight is best for you? I wanna start off with weights but I think I went too heavy and I couldn’t walk correctly for three days :(((

  8. Hey my gym doesn’t have an adjustable bench. Ive tried the hip thrust but I’m too short for the bench. Anyone have tips for how to fix this?

  9. Dakota Sky says:

    You’re so motivational ! And so genuine !

  10. This gave me so much more knowledge and motivation thank you so much !! I will show my sissy this as well we’re both on keto and trying to get back into the gym !!

  11. Moon Goddess says:

    Never going to look for any other gym info channel…. yours is complete.. down to the point.. perfect.. and beautiful!!! I love it!!! Well done!!!

  12. Kate Artist says:

    I’m starting my gym membership tomorrow. And I’m bringing a friend with me. We don’t ever work out but we’re both skinny but have meat if that makes sense? We both wanna grow a bigger butt and have muscle and imma do this workout with her. We’re gonna have some issues working the machines but watching this I can already feel my legs burning I’m excited!

  13. This video helped me so much. Started the gym today and had no idea what to do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  14. My first time here, noticed you were using an Illenium track as your background music. Subscribed.

  15. I loved this video! Absolutely perfect! Definitely following this workout routine 3 sets of 15reps EACH. Every other day! Thank you! Seriously this helped me to better organize myself 😚 ur awesome

  16. Is this suitable for men and women ?

  17. I hate writing workouts for myself I’m totally doing this one today

  18. Jason says:

    Watching this so when I take my gf to the gym I can teach her xD

  19. Lulu Plank says:

    I only came across your channel quite recently and I luv all yr video workout. Your queue to execute the exercises are very clear. I always end up walking ugly out of the gym after each session. 😂😂😂💐from singapore

  20. Beauty Fluer says:

    Can't believe I just found your channel…you're so amazing, love the way you explain how to do each exercise! You're gorgeous hun x

  21. Really appreciate the pointers on form! So helpful. Most helpful lower body workout video I've seen so far!!

  22. Thank you Hanna 🙂
    I am getting back to the gym for the first time in 20 years today! Your video has inspired to start and work my way around the machines.

  23. Do it make a different what time you workout?

  24. Is it ok to workout in the evenings, because I be so busy during the mornings.

  25. Just here to say. I finally was able to join a gym. And did this workout today. I felt so confident in the gym.( And i am afraid of gyms) so happy. Doing the upper body tomorrow.

  26. Definitely needed to rewatch this <3

  27. I dont know why but i like her so much! She sounds sooo nice like a really good person idk why but i love this!

  28. Ama Nii says:

    I spent a lot of time looking for a good fitness girl and here you are honestly you are the best ❤ with love

  29. AskLizz says:

    First day at the gym! From being a rookie to being a pro is a journey 😂! Although, many people after workout complain about muscle soreness. Here is how to reduce muscle soreness after workout👇
    Good luck guys!!!

  30. What tips do you have for those who workout alone?

  31. That is the cutest freaken puppy

  32. Line Marlen says:

    This was such a wholesome and informative video

  33. I wanna do hip thrusts for my glutes but I feel so self conscious doing that movement at the gym! Especially since it's all men there.

  34. Great tutorial and video !!! 😍

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