Full Body Workout with Weights, Strength Train, Sculpt & Burn Fat! Home Video Fitness Training

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Full Body Workout with Weights, Strength Train, Sculpt & Burn Fat! Home Video Fitness Training

In this how to weight lifting for strength training, personal trainer dena show fitness training techniques for the full body to burn fat and build and sculpt muscle.


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Filmed at Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas

This video was produced by psychetruth

Music by Scotty B

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  2. Josh Howlick says:

    I dont need to use 10 im a use 25

  3. I really love all your videos, they are all helpful for me, I am trying weight lifting too

  4. Wow, straight plagiarism of Athlean X.

  5. Can I do it with 5lb weight?

  6. made savage says:

    Me doing the first exercise

    Local mouse in my room : wtf you doing?

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  11. Dena Maddie says:

    Thank you I'm glad you like them!

  12. erbaktash says:

    Wow she is great to be fucked!!!

  13. Aqua abagail says:

    Seems like a good exercise routine

  14. Thanks for your videos, it's very helpful… I even pinned them on pinterest

  15. Thank you! I have been looking for a few simple weight exercises and this is perfect!much appreciated

  16. Hey look below. A person claiming to be Dena Maddie, answered your question

  17. Dena Maddie says:

    Close! It's a bandaid. Too many elbows in martial arts class…the.gym is not the ideal environment for open wounds.

  18. psychetruth DENA!!! Awesome!!

  19. ChloeXlover says:

    You are very funny LoL

  20. this was actualy really good , well done. would you like to sell those green mats stacked up in the back?

  21. Linda says:

    wtf is on her elbow?

  22. Good tip there.

    I like your charms, Dena.

  23. bansani1 says:

    Dig that porn movie tune.

  24. MikeDiFool says:

    Perverted comments on 'psychetruth' comments section- an American tradition 🙂

  25. MikeDiFool says:

    Hahhahahaha!!! Thumbs up for great justice!!!

  26. David says:

    Thanks Dena I will have a go …

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