HOME DUMBBELL WORKOUT – Full Body 3 Days a Week Routine

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BUFF DUDES / Workout / Best HOME DUMBBELL WORKOUT – Full Body 3 Day Split – Hit Every Muscle Group

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24 Responses

  1. 25% off OUR BOOKS: DUMBBELL ONLY 12 WEEK PLAN: http://bit.ly/dumbbellplan

  2. Rory Burnell says:

    "Morse code for buff as fuc*" HAHAHAHA that was gold

  3. Dan Cross says:

    So far shelter in place has resulted in lifting a lot and day drinking or some combination of both !!
    Thanks Buff Dudes !!

  4. Dan Leone says:

    You guys are by far the best fitness youtubers such informative yet fun and entertaining content.

  5. Pablo Diablo says:

    My theme music is "jiren desperate plan". Check it out.

  6. 0:53 How cool would it be for you to lift your wife while she lifts the baby?

  7. B S says:

    I only like working out,outside as I live in Florida.

  8. I love the dumbbell only program, currently at p3d3 here. This full body phase was awesome, kicked my ass at the beggining. By the end of the year I should have a buff baby too to use as gym equipment as well.🤣


  9. In the months ahead: So many broken common household items, furniture, door frames, damaged walls and broken windows. Not to mention all the makeshift meathead injuries!

  10. hugo says:

    I just love this kind of videos.

  11. Many Thanks
    Stay safe, stay home

  12. Fredy Mendez says:

    I got the same cooler !! Thanks man gona give it a whirl and tag you guys on Instagram

  13. roel250 says:

    The infamous "retract the scapula" returns

  14. Buff Dudes back on the cooler ,pumping weights outside like the old days , just need Brandon to jump into a metal tub full of ice water.
    Hudson is an awesome Dad

  15. peanut_sin says:

    My cooler sunk in…

  16. Another awesome video , keep up with the content . You guys inspire me a lot , stay buff!

  17. I actually have a big cooler like that don’t have a bench. I’ll try this better time than ever

  18. Christian B says:

    Drop set with Buff child made me lol

  19. UnknownUser says:

    Do you guys have a home gym / studio ?

  20. Awesome! For some reason, I'm picturing the kids lifting weights off camera. They may secretly be from the planet Krypton, otherwise known as Buff Dudes.


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