Today I decided to show you guys my Slim Thick Workout Routine that you can do at home. This is how I’ve been able to stay toned yet still maintain my curvy figure. I hope you guys enjoyed 🙂 #workoutroutine #slimthick #springbreak





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41 Responses

  1. Alyssa Lane says:

    Thank you for adding to squeeze the booty! I literally forget on and off to do that!!

  2. How many times a week you do this workout?

  3. Kali Reanna says:

    Im really trying to work on slimming down mostly. I’m a pretty solid person naturally. Do you recommend focusing more on cardio and only doing a little weight training, or doing more weights and less cardio?

  4. Rosa Nuñez says:

    Where you get that working out outfit?lol I want one like that

  5. maya j says:

    doing this workout right now. it’s good but intense!! the hardest part for me is the alternating lunges and squats – i definitely had to skip that part lol. she makes it look so easy though. love it!

  6. I’m just now seeing this but I’m confused on why everyone’s calling a waist trimmer a waist trainer 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

  7. How do you get those muffin top and lower fatness of the stomach to go away n still get thick stomach and legs???😣or maintain the thickness while losing fat from the stomach(is it the waist trainer ir no?)

  8. dess. says:

    3 set of jump squats (20 reps)
    3 sets of lunge pulses (20 reps)
    3 sets of alternating lunges and squats (20 reps)
    3 sets of standard squats (20 reps)
    3 sets of legs lifts (20 reps each leg)
    3 sets of bridges (20 reps)
    3 sets of sit ups (20 reps)
    End with a minute plank.

  9. Dont eat till your stomach explodes got it, thats what ive been doing wrong XD
    how many days a week should i exercise to get better results?
    How much food should i eat a day?

  10. Jade Carter says:

    What’s wrong with rice and beans… 😭😭 lol Rice and beans are really healthy… But I guess the amount of carbs?

  11. Omg Blair says:

    Where did you get your waist trainer?

  12. Ericka Hope says:

    I used to be slim thick, now I'm just getting thick, definitely going to be trying these work outs! I also absolutely need more cardio.

  13. Amy Davis says:

    Do you do tummy exercises for the slim part of exercising?

  14. Min Yoongi says:

    What sucks is that I have heart issues that keep me from doing cardio 😭😭 but I can do regular exercises okay, as long as I don't go too hard

  15. I'll do a water fast for 7 days if y'all give this 50 likes and get me to 50 subs!!!!❤️😁💯 BTW girl you slayed that body🔥

  16. 2nd Taylor😂 btw love your videos🤗🥰

  17. kaula says:

    it’s sad i’m 14 and trying my best to get a body like you

  18. Karess8701 says:

    Where did you get your waist trainer?

  19. Cadence Noel says:

    I loved watching this! I def want to try. How many days should this routine be done?

  20. KLK TU papi says:

    She nows she thick mmm😏😍😂🍑🍑

  21. You should do more fitness videos!!!!

  22. danie_ dee says:

    Thanks so so much for this Taylor😍❤Love you sooo much❤❤❤
    Pls where did you get your waist trainer??

  23. Jalen Walker says:

    Taylor Faye I love watching your YouTube videos

  24. Kennric Gray says:

    I don't even workout but just wanted to say that this was a great video

  25. Teddy Ryder says:

    In not losing what you got your perfect from he'd to toe😊

  26. Teddy Ryder says:

    I love the fact that your talking about slim thick

  27. May Belle says:

    Yes please do a video of what you eat in a day

  28. What's the name of your waist trainer you wear I will be doing your routine you look great

  29. Sierra Young says:

    I wanna see the what u eat in a day video

  30. Brandon Gary says:

    Damn I'm glad she's comfortable with her body and love her bikini haul videos

  31. Debbie Green says:

    This I can do. Thanks.

  32. The Law says:

    Not lying about the slim thick part that

  33. My favourite YouTuber 👑💎❤️ #teamtay

  34. Yes to what you eat in a day! Also your gym routine (with the gym equipment) would be super helpful as well !! 😁

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I will always love food 👆🏽😂

  36. Who are the 3 jealous haters that disliked this video 🤔

  37. I plan to do your routine the next time I workout. Go Tay! And yes, want to see what you eat.

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