ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan)

Let’s all do this together and stay in shape during this chaos!
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ISOLATION Weight Loss Challenge (Full Meal & Workout Plan) – Thomas DeLauer

Despite this chaotic situation we find ourselves in, our diets – and our spirits – shouldn’t have to suffer. So that’s why I’ve created this 30-day isolation weight loss challenge that we can all do together! We’re all sitting at home and it’s difficult, I know. So for this, I’ve designed a limited food variety meal plan, with a workout + 3x live streams during which you can interact with me to bring us all together during this difficult time. Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you in the comments!

Low Budget QUARANTINE Meal Plan (What Thomas DeLauer is Eating):

Costco PANTRY Foods to Stock Up on NOW! Healthy Grocery Haul:

Eat and DRINK these Antioxidants for Immune Support:

We Need MORE Than Vitamin C – MAGNESIUM, Vitamin D and ZINC – Live Discussion:

Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion):

Your Immune System & Antibodies + How to Boost It – Live Discussion:

Top HIGH CALORIE Emergency Foods to Buy at Costco (No Empty Calories):

Choosing the HEALTHIEST Canned Soup (what to avoid on a label):

Fasting Guides

How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide:

Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting:

Beginners Guide to Prolonged Fasting | 24-72 Hour Fasting Instructions:

Fasting Guidelines: What You CAN and CANNOT Drink:

Intermittent Fasting over Age 40 : The Complete Guide:

Keto Guides

How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide:

Keto Over Age 50 – Instructional Guide:

Full Beginner Keto Meal Plan: Exactly What to Eat:

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30 Responses

  1. Danni Girl says:

    I subscribed but no bell apears

  2. Always excellent videos!

  3. Corbin Smith says:

    Hi Thank You New Subbie. Screen Shot 😊

  4. I wish Fatsnax shipped to Canada 😭

  5. Cindy Russi says:

    Those biceps and chest about to rip that shirt😄. Great idea. ✨I was Thinking of doing something like this since there’s not really options to eat out. Which eating out is my temptation

  6. Thomas can you post a grocery list?

  7. Spiral Flash says:

    Can't seem to get used to raw sauerkraut…Otherwise, this plan is totally awesome! Thanks so much!

  8. Lov your videos Thomas u are awesome and badass

  9. Tobias says:

    This really great Thomas! Only thing for me is that EVERYTHING is shut down except two food outlets that don't carry some of the stuff you have listed here.

  10. Wouldn’t collagen be denatured in coffee?

  11. I want to play! My local grocery store is still well stocked, just limiting quantities you're allowed to purchase.

  12. vsboy 25 says:

    How can he be so positive, Coronavirus has taken the soul from people.

  13. Shardalon says:

    Is that chia pudding recipe for one serving?

  14. This seems like a TON of calories for me, any advice for scaling it for a 5'6" female of normal/overweight BMI?

  15. Can't get f*** all in English supermarkets at the moment

  16. Thanks Thomas, I really needed someone to help motivate me back into keto. I ventured off keto these last several weeks since all of this bad stuff happened because junk food provides instant comfort for some of us. I will definitely get this put together and get myself back in better shape again.

  17. Ryan Briggs says:

    Thank you Thomas. I’ve been following KETO for a year and now down to 205 from 287. 82 down. Goal is 185. Working out every day for different muscle groups to and gelling tone. Love it

  18. 1MRSomeguy says:

    meh i choose booze. will return to regular schedule body once the gym opens

  19. Does anyone else feel awful after eating coconut oil? Is allergy to coconut oil a thing?

  20. This is awesome! Looks really good and easy to follow! Ty for doing this for us all!

  21. carue19 says:

    How did you know I needed this?! 😱
    Isolation has given me perpetual munchies 🤐😫😩😖😣

  22. Travis Moore says:

    The keto-focus plan here should already hint you towards realizing that this diet is a terrible idea.

  23. Misfits says:

    Like I said previously, you can definitely tell where your heart is. the adamant tone in your voice and the expressions on your face, you truly care about people. That’s what sets you way above everybody else. Let alone you’re a genius. #ForwardThinking

  24. Alessandro says:

    Do you eat the yogurt+protein every day or only on fast days?

  25. Hello from Perú, thank you so much for this, Thomas and all your support crew! I speak on behalf of my family, your channel, your information, your research have literally changed our lives, I'm almost 46 and never been healthier, my girlfriend who is 44 has already lost almost 20 kgs,, we have been keto for about 18 months and we all have absolutely no intention of going back! So big thank you and bravo for all members of this community! Please, I have a little question since the other day, if anyone knows the answer I'd appreciated very much. We are used to having our ACV drink right before meals, not after, we do not have any liquids with our meals or right after. Does it make any relevant difference? Thanks and keep safe and healthy!

  26. You’re so intelligent Thomas. Could you please give us a video on how you carry out your daily routine – beyond meals. So for example the pushups hourly; what other exercise should we do?

  27. Tara Cat says:

    Thanks this is definitely what people need right now… I'm still working in Aged Care and only way I'm going to get any extra time is if I'm quarantined, but could kind of set this up so I'm ready to go if I do 💗

  28. Why do I have sugar cravings after I workout?

  29. I was waiting for this. Thank you Thomas. South Africa is starting with our lockdown tomorrow. I need this to stay sane! I’m in.

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